Cork native Samantha Barry, who currently reigns supreme as editor-in-chief of Glamour magazine, was back in Dublin this morning for an event with An Post, and spilled on how being Irish helped get her ahead in her career. 

Samatha Barry, at just 37 years old, took over the top editorial position at Condé Nast's iconic title, Glamour magazine in January this year, after previously holding the title of executive producer for social and emerging media at CNN Worldwide. 

Barry will be honoured at UCC’s Alumni Achievement Awards tonight, but she was in The Ivy this morning for An Post's Early Bird Club event, where she shared her insights on the world of media - both print and digital

Speaking on her Irishness, she gave three reasons why she thinks that traits we have as a nation, stood to her in terms of her media career.

SB : "You bring a different view to the table, not being American or from the UK." 

Barry told of how - at both Condé Nast and CNN - she came at things from a different perspective and asked questions that other people weren't necessarily asking, being from Ballincollig, Co. Cork (a feat not too many other of her colleagues could lay claim to).

SB : "Irish people are natural storytellers, for us it's inherent."

Barry said that lots of her friends in New York, who have gotten to high positions in the Media world, were Irish and she didn't think that was a coincidence. She went on to say that great storytelling is inherent as Irish people, and that it's part of our soul. 

SB : "You can get away with certain things when you have an accent!"

.... Like cursing or swearing. Especially when Barry was at CNN, where she said she particularly prone to the habit, her American colleagues found it somehow less offensive with her Irish accent. 

We think @theWhitmore would agree with most of the above! 

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