You know that perfectly effortless, diffused lip that we've been seeing on the catwalk of late? Behind the scenes, makeup artists were tirelessly applying lipsticks, blotting, reapplying and blotting again for that elusive effect. But now, a new dawn of lipstick is here - this is Generation G. 

We, like everyone in the Internet-world, have been bowing down at Glossier's beauty alter for some time now. Between Boy Brow, Lash Slick and Cloud Paint, we can't really imagine how our makeup routines looked before Emily Weiss came along in her millennial pink cape and saved us from over-complication. 

Generation G

Generation G is the newest launch from the much-hyped brand and it's been designed to create an easy, diffused matte lip colour - the kind that results from blotting, reapplying and blotting again - but just in one swipe. 

Coming in a concise shortlist of the six most important shades, with dialed-down pigment loads for a casual look, a Generation G lipstick gives a wash of matte colour and because the formula is sheer but buildable, each shade looks a little bit different on everyone. 

In true Glossier natural-beauty-encouragement form, this is lipstick that you wear, not the other way around, and it works universally with whatever makeup you want (or don't) want to wear.

Here's a breakdown of the shades....

_Cake is a subtle peach.

_Like is a light, cool pink.

_Crush is a hot raspberry pink.

_Jam is a deep berry.

_Leo is a neutral cocoa brown.

_Zip is a poppy red.

And key ingredients.... 

Wax Matrix: A combination of sunflower and synthetic beeswax that creates a smooth, cushiony texture and feel on lips and protects against bullet breakage.

Blue Agave: Binds water inside lips for comfortable wear.

Safflower Oil: High in linoleic acid, it creates a barrier to prevent moisture loss in lips.

Lychee Rose Scent: Subtle and fresh.

Plus, getting in on some Generation G lipstick action, will only cost you €17. Shop yours here. 

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