So many emails, so little time....

So many emails, so little time....

Remember A Life Pre-Predictive Text? No, Us Neither. Now, Gmail Has The Email Equivalent.... 

We can't speak for all, but Team U's work inboxes are veritable black holes, with a gravitational pull so strong that, currently, there's an cross-office average of 1,000 plus unread mails.

And that's despite our best efforts to respond to every email, then respond to the response, and respond to the response to your initial response.**

**Cue the vortex-induced nausea. 

This is an AI-Powered Predictive Text.... kinda. 

Following the recent Gmail revamp, Google have announced an experimental new feature called 'Smart Compose' which will actually help you write your emails using machine learning technology. 

As you type, Smart Compose pops up suggestions about what you might want to write next – similar to Google autocomplete. 

Smart Compose will work kind of like predictive text does on iPhones, except instead of suggesting a single word when you start typing, it suggests phrases and even sentences.

No More Email-Anxiety 

This is Google's second development in communication convenience, Smart Reply being the first (which suggests three quick responses to an email and becomes smarter and more attuned to your style the more you use it.)

But Smart Compose's use of data is slightly more intelligent.... 

“The model has been trained on billions of common phrases and sentences, not your previous emails,” Lambert said. “That said, when you compose a new email or reply to an existing email, it will take into account the subject line and offer contextual sentences if it makes sense.” Paul Lambert, a product manager for Gmail, told Refinery29.

Possible Downsides? 

Haters are worried about the high risk of error and the depersonalisation of the whole process, the but to be honest, we're finding it hard to be negative about any application that minimises the time we spend dealing with Susan in accounts. 

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