Fashion Nova

Fashion Nova

As the end of the year looms, we live for the annual roundups of the most searched trends and online habits that the site publishes, and usually, they're quite predictable - considering we had a hand in most of them. But this year's most-searched brand completely caught us off guard. 

We feel as though we've been missing out TBH. 

Can you guess it? Maybe you're thinking Gucci. Or Rixo? Or a high-street fave like Zara? Well, you'd certainly be getting a lot warmer with the last guess, as Google's most searched brand for 2018 is a totally affordable one too. 

Jumping from the number four spot in 2017 to number one in 2018 is amercian brand Fashion Nova. If you're not familiar with the name, it's a fast fashion company that has partnered with some of the most influential celebrities out there, from Kylie Jenner to Cardi B.

The key to its success wasn't an expensive ad campaign or spread in a leading fashion magazine. Instead, Fashion Nova cozied up to influencers to conquer the market, working with women who represent its target customers. 

And before you ask, yes it does ship internationally. 

Fashion Nova is not without controversy though, with some people calling out the brand for stocking pieces that suspiciously look identical to the work of up-and-coming designers. But it seems like plenty of consumers (on top of 14 million Instagram followers) are willing to brush those complaints under the rug, as long as their favorite celebrities keep 'gramming in the brand.

Curious to know who else made the Top 10 most searched, here's the full list.... 

1. Fashion Nova

2. Louis Vuitton

3. Versace

4. Givenchy

5. Gucci

6. Alexander McQueen

7. Dolce & Gabbana

8. Fashionphile

9. Dior

10. Moschino

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