Do you even #influence?

Do you even #influence? Instagram: @sundayriley

She introduced terms ‘Good Genes’ and ‘Luna’ into our beauty vocabulary and now, the beloved skincare brand (named after its chemist and product formulator founder) is making a fresh foray into makeup with a foundation, named 'The Influencer'.



...well, technically it’s actually more of a second attempt at cosmetics market for Sunday Riley. The brand launched a tight makeup collection way back in 2011 and when sales didn’t quite reflect the popularity of their skincare offering, they decided to cut losses and focus back on what they did best.

But like all things in life, persistence is key and Riley & Co. are back with a 20-shade formula that promises to nail that sweet spot finish between not-too-matte and not-too-luminous. *Our interests immediately piqued.


Gang's all here! #betheinfluencer

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The Influencer Foundation, in true makeup-made-by-a-skincare-brand form (there is a precedent, we promise) is formulated with a cocktail of ingredients so calming, that even the most sensitive skin can handle, i.e. oat, chamomile and green tea. The ingenious idea being that the anti-inflammatory properties of the natural components will work together with the brand’s skincare ranges, to reduce any redness or tone-issues you may be experiencing, so inevitably you’ll end up end up using as little foundation as possible. Clever girl is our Sunday! 

#TheInfluencer in action. 


'What’s the deal with the name?' you ask. Well, word on the street is that it’s an attempt by the brand to keep with the theme of inclusion and versatility in the beauty world.


Will it quadruple your follower-count to influencer heights on purchase? We’re sceptical at best, but you can find out for yourself when the foundation launches in Europe this summer.  

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