We feel your pain, Bridget

We feel your pain, BridgetBridget Jones

Getting quality Zs is pretty much essential for, well, everything in life. If you’re not sleeping well your health, concentration and general wellbeing suffer massively. We’re big fans of sleep so here are three smart ways to maximise your sleepy time.

Keep it Cool

The recent warm weather has had our sleep patterns all over the place. One trick for good sleep is to regulate your body temperature. Keep your room cool for starters. According to experts, the best temperature to keep your bedroom at is about 65 degrees Fahrenheit (18.3°C). If your feet are cold pop on a pair of socks. Your blood flow distributes heat through your body so if your circulation isn’t the best, it can leave you with cold feet and hands. If you’re too hot, try the simple trick of throwing one or both feet our from under the duvet. Or try this clever trick. 

Get The Timing Right

The recommendation is that most people get about 8 hours sleep a night. If you’re not able to make that much of a commitment don’t just hit the pillow and get up when you like. If you work in 90 minute stretches, you’ll wake up rested – and not with that ‘violently dragged from Sleepy Town’ feeling. Why?  Our brains move through different stages as we sleep, in 90 minute cycles. Waking up at the end of one of these is better as you’re closer to being away than you are being asleep. So if you need to wake at a certain time, count back from that in 90 minute stages, to see when you should go to sleep.  (Timing naps along these lines is good too.)

Clear Your Head

We don’t need to tell you that putting down the phone/tablet and leaving the TV and other stimuli aside an hour or so before bed is a good idea. The artificial blue light from devices messes with the body’s natural wind-down mechanisms. One classic trick though, often forgotten, is great if you can’t switch your mind off. If you’re worried or working something over and over in your mind, grab a pen and paper. Write it all down. It helps clear your head a bit – and your worries may seem less troublesome in the morning.

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