Instagram: @pixiemarket

Instagram: @pixiemarket

You heard it here first, extravagant hair detail shots look primed to take over from #shoefies as the thing to share on Instagram.

2018 was without a doubt the year of the shoe-selfie on Instagram. It was impossible to take a short scroll without coming across a shoefie (or five) and double tapping that heart button. Hell, between the Dad-trainers trend and the practical boot obsession that took hold, we even found ourselves indulging in a downward shot or two.

Evidently, we love liking them as much as we love taking them because shoe-selfies were up there with the top-performing images on Instagram for the year, and we think their popularity could due to the fact that the habit works for women of every shape and style. 

Introducing the #Hairfie 

The same too can be said of the selfie trend that's about to take off in 2019, the #hairfie. From giant velvet bows knotted around ponytails to more clips than you can shake a stick at, dressed hair and detail shots look primed to take over from #shoefies as the thing to share on Instagram.

They have the same suits-everyone, look-good-up-close, Insta-bait kind of quality, only it feels new and different and—as yet—not at its peak. So get in on the action early, and stock up on all the accessories you can and wear them all at once, for extra cool-girl cred. 

Shop the trend: 

Diamante slides, €12, Accessorize 

Tortoiseshell and rose quartz hair clip,€13.83, Glamorous @ ASOS 

Pearl barrettes, €15, Pixie Market 

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