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Shine bright like a hair oil...

The need to wash your hair is one of the most challenging tasks life throws at us. From finding the right kind of shampoo for your hair to finding the actual energy to and physically wash it and then somehow finding even more energy to dry your mane, it's a rather loathsome experience. 

So we totally get why the addition of an extra step in your hair washing routine seems completely unnecessary. But what if we told you that by doing this step you'd end up with the glossiest hair of your life? Sounds worth it, right?

Well, all thanks to this hair washing hack we discovered on Reddit, glossy hair is just a step away. 

While most of us tend to go straight in with the shampoo, there's actually a vital step that we've all been skipping: applying a hair elixir before shampooing. Elixirs are seen more of a 'repair' product in the haircare world as they have a multi-functional effect that targets a number of your hair concerns. They're formulated with smaller molecules that are able to seep further into hair molecules meaning most of the fluid is eliminated therefore resulting in a high concentration of active ingredients. 

Hair elixirs tend to be oil based which further provides a long-lasting sheen. All you need to do is pop a drop or two of the hair elixir into your palms and twist and massage the product into your hair. Leave it on for fifteen minutes, rinse, then shampoo away. 

Glossy hair? Come at me. 

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