Wait... WHAT?!

Every once in a while, someone comes along and challenges everything we ever knew to be sacred (cough cough: an expert reveals whether you should brush your teeth before or after breakfast). This is another one of those earth-shattering moments. 

When it comes to decking the halls with boughs of holly and decorating ye olde tree, we're going to guess that, like us, you wrap the fir with the lights in a circular motion? Right?? 

Well, hold the phone, because according to Francesco Bilotto, we should be hanging our Christmas lights vertically. Yes... V.E.R.T.I.C.A.L.L.Y. "

"This way every tip of your tree, from branch to branch, will twinkle with delight," Bilotto told HouseBeautiful.com. Plus, it'll prevent lights from getting stuck in the middle of your tree, covered by other branches.

In this video below, the renowned interior decorator and tastemaker shows exactly how it's done.

Here's another pro tip he offers - hang your shiniest, sparkliest ornaments deeper inside the tree and the light will reflect off of them.

"Another added bonus is when you dismantle your tree and take off the lights, it'll be easier and less messy to remove strands from the exterior of the tree - rather than fighting a stubborn, almost dried branch," he said.

If you need us...we'll just be in the corner... questioning everything we ever thought we knew about festive decorating.

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