please say this is true.

please say this is true.

The very definition of our wildest dreams.

Ariana Grande is the gift that keeps on giving. First, she gave us Sweetener which quickly became the soundtrack to our lives. Then she treated us all to the now iconic: Thank U, Next. Only last week she brought us 7 Rings which made us realise that we need to surround ourself with friends who will casually buy us diamond rings when they're drunk. 

We know that the pop star is busy creating plenty of new content for her forthcoming studio album but it's now looking like Ari's fifth album will feature a few guest stars, including heartthrob, Harry Styles. No, this isn't a dream. There really are rumours circulating that the two are planning a collaboration for later in the year. 

The speculation began, as everything does these days, with an Instagram follow. On January 19, eagle-eyed fans spotted that Harry began following Ariana. Now, we know what you're thinking, that doesn't mean anything which it wouldn't if it were not for the fact that Harry hasn't been active on Instagram in over six months meaning he logged on for that one specific reason. Harry last updated his account on July 16, 2018, where he posted a selfie with the caption "I'm off to write some more music and I hope I'll be seeing you again very soon."

Think we're pulling at straws? Well, we probably are but it's worth noting that the last time Harry followed an account on Instagram, it was Timothée Chalamet which then resulted in a joint interview with Vice. 

Now the true Ariana and Harry stans amongst you will know that should this Instagram follow mean anything, it wouldn't be the first time the pair worked together. Back in 2014, Harry wrote Just A Little Bit of Your Heart for Ariana's second studio album My Everything but despite that, the two have technically never worked together. But if Twitter is right, that's all about to change. 

If and when this collaboration happens, we predict that internet will well and truly break. 

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