Topshop have done it again!

Topshop have done it again!

Love heels but actually have to go places?

We love heels as much as the next person, but lets face it - sometimes they're just not that practical. From running for the bus to having to walk everywhere, we just don't have the lifestyle for getting taxis everywhere in our 6 inch beauties. But that doesn't mean we can't indulge. These are the heels we're loving at the moment that will actually get us from A to B without much fuss. 


We'll let you in on a secret. Yellow actually goes with everything. We'll wear these to death this summer. 

€64, Topshop


You can never have enough black shoes but we're loving the added interest in the heel. So gorgeous. 

€69.95, Mango


These are made for dancing the night away at weddings. 

€78, Office


We're all about the perspex heel at the moment. So in love with these. 

€49.95, Zara

River Island

We think we've found our perfect going out shoes! Perfect with rolled up jeans. 

€60, River Island


We've found the perfect jeans 

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