Silly season - it's all fun and joy; until the tell-tale signs are written all over your face. 

As all reason goes out the window (and "Ahh, sure it's Christmas" becomes a legit excuse for everything) our regular routines are compromised. 

Beauty is one area that we can tend to slack in, and the effects of late nights and an indulgent lifestyle can soon show in our mugs. 

In order to help you put your best face forward come day 182383492 of silly season, we tapped Niamh Ryan and Charlene Flanagan for some expert advice. The duo are veterans in the fields of skincare and makeup respectively and have now partnered up on their newly launched beauty line, Ella & Jo Cosmetics. 

Niamh Ryan (L) and Charlene Flanagan

Niamh Ryan (L) and Charlene Flanagan

Here's how to hide hangover face - the headache, however, is yours to fix. 

Charlene's Beauty Tips 

1. Hide those tired eyes with a full coverage but moisturising concealer. Alcohol will introduce toxins into the body which will make the darkness under your eyes appear more prominent. This one has a peach undertone to neutralise the darkness and it gives great coverage. 

BB Concealer, €13.95, Note Cosmetics

2. As you more than likely had full coverage makeup, with a smokey eye or glitter, applied on your night out - make sure to clean your brushes quickly and easily the following morning to make sure your makeup applies seamlessly the next time. 

Squeaky Clean Brush Cleanser, €20, Ella & Jo Cosmetics

3. The holy grail to cheating an 'awake in an instant' look is nude eyeliner. When placed in the waterline, it gives a brighter eye and hides any redness in the eyes. This one is a long lasting option that glides on super creamy. 

Rock n' Kohl Eye Pencil in 'Eye Cheat', €25, Charlotte Tilbury

4. An all-in-one face palette will give bring the warmth and glow back into your skin. With Aimee Connolly's new custom palette option, you can design your own based on your skin tone or colour preferences and mix and match between bronzer, blush, cream or powder highlighters. Applying a cream highlight to the cheekbone will give a soft dewy glow to the skin which is needed when your skin is tired or dehydrated. 

5. Your lips may be feeling a bit dry or chapped, so you need lots of ingredients like shea butter and Vitamin E to plump and nourish. This gorgeous gloss from Note Cosmetics feels super rich and luxurious, and also contains light-reflecting particles to make lips appear fuller. 
BB Lip Corrector, €8.95, Note CosmeticsNiamh's Skincare Saviors

1. Leave cleanser, a cleanse-off mitt, and a pint of water out ready to use when you come in - not sleeping caked in heavy makeup will make a huge difference to your skin. Also when cleansing the next day, use something like Image's Ageless Cleanser it’s a two-in-one cleanser and exfoliator, so it will brighten and even out the tone of your skin quickly.

Ageless Total Facial Cleanser, €34, Image

2. Hydration is key to bring the skin back to life - inside and out! Our Ella & Jo Hyaluronic Skin Mist is ideal to plump up the skin pre and post makeup and it will also help bring the glow back to your skin. Pop it in your handbag to keep the tell tale signs of dehydration at bay; it’s a great pick me up throughout the day.  

3-in-1 Hyaluronic Acid Skin Mist, €20, Ella & Jo Cosmetics

3. A heavyweight serum that will give you maximum results is important. Image's Vital C Serum or Pestle and Mortar's Serum will leave your skin looking brighter than it should be post-party night out. 

Pure Hyaluronic Serum, €60, Pestle & Mortar

4. Have a mask to do pre-party with plenty of active ingredients. Skin Republic have an amazing variety for all skin types - it's amazing before an event to plump and brighten the skin.

Green Tea Hydrogel Mask, €6.95, Skin Republic

5. Feed the skin! Try and get a vegetable or fruit based smoothie with some avocado and good fats into the system you will be glowing from the inside out! 

Side note - most of the products Charlene and Niamh mentioned were from Irish woman-led beauty companies.. how great is that? 

For more information about Ella & Jo Cosmetics and their Irish-made products, see here.

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