Wednesday 14th February 

All eyes will be on you today Cancer! 


Today will be a memorable one for you Aries. Your other half will do something romantic. Not the cheese on toast romantic, but something that you will actually want to tell your friends about.


Taurus you’ll help a friend out this Wednesday, possibly someone from your school days who you haven’t seen in years. Use this as an opportunity to catch up, everything else can wait a few hours.


Gemini, gift buying may not be your best attribute but today you will fail at it in the worst kind of way. A word of warning: joke presents are only funny if the other person gets the joke.


Guess who will be getting ALL of the attention this February 14th? That’s right Cancer, it’s you! Go on have a harmless flirt, what’s the point in having it if you can’t flaunt it every once and a while?


Love will be the last thing on your mind today Leo, so you’ll be avoiding all things related to romance or anything covered in love hearts all day. The good news is, everything will be back to normal tomorrow.


You can dream all you want today Virgo, but the chances of you being swept off your feet by your partner – or anyone at all for that matter – are pretty slim. Try not to be too jealous of your friends though, remember social media doesn’t always paint an honest picture.


Libra, sharing your news, good or bad, will help you to feel better this Wednesday. You might even get some good advice from someone you rarely speak to and your opinion of them will change in a really good way.


You won’t be fussed by the people you see going out of their way to prove how much they love their other half. Who are they trying to prove it to anyway? You’ll have no time for that nonsense as you’ll be far too busy getting ahead in your career.


Sagittarius, your feelings will really be hurt today when someone says something about you that you’ve secretly thought about yourself for a long time. Don’t let them see you get upset though, be strong and brush it off like it never bothered you.


Today you’ll be caught off guard when someone you saw as a friend, confesses that they see you as a lot more. Yes, it’s awkward admitting that you don’t feel the same, but it means you’ll avoid some seriously uncomfortable dates in the future.


When the going gets, tough the tough get going – but not today Aquarius. Despite how strong you thought you were, this Wednesday will be a big test for you. Showing your vulnerability could actually make people like you more.


Pisces, a love interest will spoil you with gifts this Valentine’s Day. Some of them may be a little excessive though which will irritate you – no one likes a show off do they? You’ll be very surprised when you find out who your mystery suitor has been all along.