Thursday 15th February

Can you really afford to part with so much money today Capricorn?


Aries don’t expect something for nothing this Thursday. Don’t walk around like the world owes you something. It doesn’t. Work hard for what you want to achieve.


Taurus, pack your case because today you’ll be off on your travels. Instead of being the one in charge, for once leave the holiday planning up to someone else and try, we really mean it, try to switch off. Work emails are strictly forbidden.


Do you feel like your settling for second best Gemini? Why should you when you deserve the same (if not more) than everyone else? Whether your relationship is going down the drain or if your job sucks, know your worth.


If you’ve been feeling less than 100% lately, then avoid going places where there is a strong chance you’ll get sick. It might mean a PJ day on the couch (sounds awful, we know) but it’s a sacrifice you’ll just have to make.


Leo you’ll get news today that will throw you for the rest of the day, if not weekend. Don’t feel guilty about this though, you know you couldn’t have done anything differently. You’ll also learn a valuable lesson.


Impulse buys and shopper’s remorse (we’ve all been there) are on the cards for you this Thursday Virgo. Bring a friend or someone who will tell you what for, with you if you simply must go for a ‘look.’


It’ll be a confusing day for you Libra and by the end of it your brain will be fried, so you’ll be forgiven for crawling into bed and rejecting the fact that you’re an adult for a few hours. Being a grown-up sucks sometimes.


Good luck to anyone who tries to tell you that your point of view is wrong today Scorpio and you’ll be so convincing, anyone who was on the fence originally will be eating out of the palm of your hand. They call it the power of persuasion.


Spontaneity will be your word of the day this Thursday Sagittarius, and what better way to remember it than to put it into action? Stop fretting about the what ifs and for once just go with the flow.


You know what they say, only lend money if you can afford to never get it back. If you’ve been stung like this before Capricorn, you’ll think twice before handing over your cash today.


Are we detecting some negativity or tension (and not the good kind) between you and your other half Aquarius? If you find yourself snapping at them, especially in public, maybe it has more to do with you than them?


Pisces, both work and friends will demand huge amounts of your time today – and for the foreseeable future at that – so that’s why you have to choose one to focus on and remain firm in your decision.