Saturday 17th February 

Someone won’t appreciate your efforts this Saturday Aries.


Your good deeds will be wasted on someone who won’t appreciate them today. Don’t worry this isn’t your problem, it’s very much theirs. Don’t let it put you off next time though, not everyone will act like this.


If your personal style is a little out there at the best of times –and there’s nothing wrong with that – today it might work in your favour to keep things a little more conservative. Sometimes it’s better to blend in.


Ugh your day will seriously test your patience Gemini – since when did you become the person everyone can have a go at when they’re having a rough day? Anyway, do something you enjoy this evening to forget about the monster of a day you’ve had.


Even with the best intentions in the world, today’s shopping trip will not go as planned Cancer. This won’t be completely your fault though Cancer in your defence what you do buy will be on sale so technically you’re saving money. (Kinda.)


Your big plans for Saturday night will go out the window this afternoon Leo. The thoughts of getting dressed up are just too much – why bother when you can have pizza delivered straight to your door? Choose wisely.


Virgo, your people skills and ability to talk to people about uncomfortable subjects will be useful today. You’ll also be able to tell if someone is lying to your face, so you’ll pretty much be a detective by night-time.


This Saturday someone you would never have expected to get you out of a bind, will turn out to be a lot more helpful than some of your friends. Maybe you should have a think about the people you call your friends.


Scorpio will be in total bliss this Saturday and they won’t have to move a muscle – unless they want to of course. If someone wants to wait on you hand and foot? Let them, this is your day to be completely chilled.


If you’ve been hearing some nasty rumours about a neighbour over the past few weeks, you’ll be shocked to realise that they’re actually true. Don’t overreact Sagittarius, try and be reasonable about the situation.


You’ll have to travel some VERY far away today Capricorn. Okay it might be that far away but it is Saturday and you’ll be a bit annoyed that you’ve has to spend it in the car. Pass the journey with a good podcast.


Don’t be too familiar with someone you’ve only just met Aquarius because they might act like someone they’re not. If you’re starting to feel a bit awkward (we’re talking word-vomit awkward) they get up and leave!


Your stubborn streak will make an appearance today Pisces, but try not to let this drag on all day because you could end up making a right mess of things and all for the sake of winning an argument.