Sunday 18th February 

Running around but getting nowhere Scorpio?


This Sunday you’ll be swept off your feet Aries, but you’ll be a little slow to respond to this because you’re not sure how you feel about them. But how will you know if you don’t give them a chance?


Is there an awkward silence between you and someone you live with? Maybe a roommate or your other half even? Try to be the biggest person and address the issue Taurus, otherwise it’ll only get worse.


Anything important that you have to deal with, should definitely be left until the afternoon today Gemini. You might not be thinking straight this morning (long night?) so it’s best to give yourself a few hours to recover.


Your cooking skills will be seriously impressive today Cancer, so much so that you’ll throw a dinner party just to show off. Quit while you’re ahead though when it comes to baking, Mary Berry, you are not.


Get out in the fresh air this afternoon Leo, you might be surprised by how much better you feel afterwards. Booked a holiday lately? Maybe you should get a group of friends together and make it happen. Skiing perhaps?


You’re a good listener Virgo but sometimes your friends take advantage of this. You have s**t to do today, so after a polite amount of time tell them you have to get on with your day. Nip it in the bud.


Steer clear of anything that will take up too much of our time today Libra. The chances are you won’t be in the mood to do much anyway, so best to leave it along for another day.


Scorpio, we know you’re busy and everything but take it easy this Sunday. If you keep racing from a to be, you’ll end up making silly mistakes that could easily be avoided. Also, you could end up locking yourself out of your house today as well so remember your keys!


You’ll get a surprise from your partner today Sagittarius, breakfast in bed maybe or even  brunch in your favourite café? If this isn’t like them, maybe there’s a reason they’re being so nice all of a sudden.


Your to-do list will be completely empty today Capricorn and why the hell not! That’s what Sunday’s are for right? Today is your time to do whatever is it you want, and if that means nothing at all, that’s perfectly fine.


Aquarius you’ll need your favourite people around you today because it could be a bit of a crap Sunday for you. Something could happen or maybe you’re just feeling a bit emosh. Whatever the reason, it’s nothing lots of hugs and a bit of TLC can’t fix.


Pisces, you’ll revert to your sulky teenage self this Sunday and you’ll be convinced that everyone is out to get you. If you’re really honest with yourself, maybe it’s the fear that’s got you and once that wears off you’ll feel loads better.