Monday 19th February 

Be bold and brave this Monday Aries


Aries, is today the day when you finally pluck up the courage to leave the job you’ve hated for years and look for something that will make you happy? It certainly looks like it. Go for it and don’t look back.


This Monday will make you realise that someone you thought you knew really wasn’t who they turned out to be. It’ll sting a bit (okay, make that a lot) but take it as a lesson learned. They fooled you once but it won’t happen twice.


Gemini, today will be one of those days when you’ll feel like you haven’t stopped all day, yet haven’t managed to get much done. Don’t fret, tomorrow you’ll be glad when you realise how much progress you’ve made.


Leave anything that’s too time consuming for another day Cancer. It doesn’t look like you’ll be at the top of your game this Monday, so best to make a start on those things when you are.


You hate people who break their promises Leo, but today it looks like you might end up being one of them. If you do have to let a good friend down, be sure you make it up to the as soon as you can and all will be forgiven.


You’re good at lots of things Virgo, but cooking doesn’t look like it’s one of them – especially not this Monday. Best to leave any culinary exploits you’re planning until another evening when you have the time  – and patience – to deal with any disasters.


It’s may be Monday, but Libra will be stuck in the past. Whatever went on yesterday will be the only thing that’ll be on your mind today. If talking to someone about it would help matters, pick up your phone and get dialling.


If you feel like you’re ex has been treating you pretty sh***y lately – in other words, rubbing their new squeeze in your face at every opportunity – then today you’ll have the chance to get your own back. Be classy about it though Scorpio.


The weather. Yes it’s SUCH an Irish thing to complain about but you’ll have a good reason to this Monday because it’ll put a damper on all of your plans. Next time, plan something that isn’t so weather dependent Sagittarius.


Capricorn, a friend or maybe a sibling who you haven’t seen in ages will be coming home today and you’ll be pulling out all of the stops to make sure they know they were missed. Don’t panic if it doesn’t go according to plan, it’s the thought that counts.


Do you have a five year plan Aquarius? If not, then today’s the day when you’ll finally decide to make one. If five years freaks you out a bit, try figuring out where you want to be this time next year as a start.


Rise above any negative vibes that you find yourself in the middle of today, Pisces. The old you would have loved nothing more than a good gossip, but now anymore; this is a new and improved you.