Tuesday 20th February 

Show off your skills this Tuesday Taurus


Planning a holiday this summer Aries? If you’ve been deciding whether or not you’ll head off on an adventure, today all the signs will say that you should. Pick a place on the map and book your flight.


Taurus, this Tuesday is the day when you’ll be able to show everyone what you’ve been working on lately. Even if you don’t feel like people appreciate it  now, eventually they will begin to realise that you’re irreplaceable.


Hard work pays off and no one will feel this more than you today Gemini. If you feel like heading out to celebrate your achievements, go right ahead! You’re proud of yourself and you’ve every right to feel that way.


Cancer, it’s looking like you will get some bad news this Tuesday Cancer which is unfortunate, as it’s the last thing you needed on top of what you already have going on. Surround yourself with good people who’ll see you through – and make you laugh along the way.


If you achieved everything that was on your list of goals for last year, then why should 2018 be any different Leo? You can obviously do whatever it is that you set out to, so why sell yourself short. Get goal setting for 2018 now.


We’re not going to lie Virgo, today work will be pretty crap for you – one of those days that goes on forever and keeps getting worse at every turn. The good news is that your boss will realise that most of what happened wasn’t actually your fault, so that’s a plus.


You’re usually fairly composed and act quite dignified in public, but today you’ll throw all of your good manners out of the window Libra. Your inner diva will be on show for everyone to see, which they’ll kind of love and so will you.


Don’t be afraid to stand your ground this Tuesday Scorpio. Even if someone is older or more superior to you in the workplace, that doesn’t mean you should be at their mercy. Fight your corner if it boils down to it.


Sagittarius, your stubborn streak will make an appearance today. A good friend – someone you know will always tell you what you need to hear even if you don’t want to deal with it – will be honest with you but your pride will get in the way of making things right.


Whatever’s going on in your life at the moment won’t be half as entertaining as the drama your colleagues are dealing with. This morning they will spill ALL of the tea about what their other half has been up to  – have the popcorn at the ready.


You’ll have loads to get through this Tuesday Aquarius, looking after other people and making sure they have everything they need. This is nice and everything, but don’t forget about yourself in the midst of it all.


Today is going to be a good one for you Pisces and it’ll start with treating yourself to something new. You work hard for what you have so pay absolutely no attention to people who think you shouldn’t spend a little every now and then.