Wednesday 21st February 

Suss out the situation before giving your two cents today Scorpio


You’ll be going through the motions this Wednesday without much thought or passion going into what you’re doing. This will also stop you from going after a promotion at work that you KNOW you’re more than qualified to do.


Taurus, the chances of you becoming completely burned out this week are higher than every so today is the day when you should listen to the people who care about you and start looking after yourself. You’re no good to anyone if you sick In bed.


A secret admirer will make their feelings known today Gemini. This will be flattering but also a little unnerving in equal measure, which is totally understandable. If you’re thinking about meeting them in person, bring a friend along with you.


Cancer, if you’ve been plodding along in your relationship for months, then today is the day when you’ll decide that enough is enough. Your partner clearly isn’t going to change so it looks like that’s up to you. Make some tough decisions and don’t look back.


If you’ve been stressed out of your mind recently Leo then you’ll be glad to know that from today onwards, all of the things you’ve been lying awake worrying about at night, will no longer be an issue. Look forward to carefree days from now on.


Virgo, don’t feel as though you have to defend your actions to anyone who questions them this Wednesday. You made a choice because it was the right things for you, so screw anyone who tries to tell you otherwise.


Looking for a bit of change? Well it’s looking like your living room will be the place where this begins today Libra. You’ve done the whole beige and neutral thing and now you want to inject some colour and fun into your home – and your life.


Don’t make a promise you can’t keep today Scorpio. You might say something with the best of intentions but it could end up backfiring on you in the worst way possible. In future, suss out the situation before giving your two cents.


There will be a lot of temptation standing in your way today Sagittarius and you’ll begin to feel as though you can’t resist it. Well, we know that you can. Put your big girl (or boy) pants on and finish what you started.


Did you do something in a hurry, just to have it out of the way recently Capricorn? It will come back to bite you this Wednesday it seems as you’ll have to start the whole project again. Look at it this way, at least you’ll be proud of your work when it’s done this time.


There’ll be no stopping you today Aquarius. The thoughts of spending the entire day at a desk facing a computer screen will be totally unappealing to you and you’ll take the chance to get out in the fresh air when you get it.


When was the last time you had a proper catch up with the  person you sat beside in almost every class in secondary school? If it’s been a few years think about getting back in touch with them, they could need a bit of a boost today more than ever.