Thursday 22nd February

Today will be a great day for you Libra


It looks like there’s nothing but good things on the way for you this Thursday Aries. Something that you’ve been hoping for and dreaming about will FINALLY become a reality! There may be a few bumps in the road though but nothing you can’t handle


Ugh, it seems as though you won’t be feeling like your usual self today Taurus. If you’re super busy at work you certainly won’t appreciate someone else bailing and leaving you to look after their mess.


Gemini will have ALL of the knowledge this Thursday. Has a new hobby suddenly made you feel all worldly and wise? Whatever it is, you’ll be a dab hand at a pub quiz and everyone will want you on their team if you keep this up.


You’ll be faced with making a pretty big decision this Thursday Cancer, one that will have a big impact on your future. Think carefully about this one before you rush into making any decisions.


Leo will be like Bambi on ice today. If you have any plans to go ice skating or anything similar you can think again – unless you’re after a broken bone that is. Best to stick with something a little less risky for right now.


There will be some loose ends that Virgo will have to tie up today but once they’re taken care of you’ll feel like a weight has been lifted. Remember, don’t rely on other people when you can do something just as well on your own.


Libra it looks like you’ll shine bright like a diamond this Thursday, so flash your hundred watt smile for all to see – you never know who’s watching you! A surprise visitor will be the best part of your day.


Try not to exclude people based on what you think they’re like Scorpio or based on what you’ve heard about them from other people. Maybe your friends aren’t always right about everything.


Sagittarius you’ll be super busy today and it looks like your social life is the cause. If you get an invite to get dressed up and have a night out with your friends, go for it. You can worry about your headache in the morning.


Be careful with your money today Capricorn. If you’re distracted at some point, there’s a big chance you could end up losing your wallet and a lot of cash in the process. Yes it’s after pay day but nobody, NOBODY, is that rich.


You’ll be running on reserves for most of the day Aquarius and the reason may be having a little too much fun the night before, but who cares if it was worth it, right? The good news is work is looking like it will be a laugh, so you can thank your lucky stars for that.


Don’t get careless today Pisces. We’re all guilty of doing two things at once – making coffee and toast with your eyes closed kind of careless – but today could see you getting a bit of a wake up call, so pay more attention in future.