Friday 23rd February 

Stick with the plans you’ve made for the day Virgo, you won’t regret it


Aries, you’ll be off on your travels today and won’t be spending much time at home at all. You’ll be given an amazing welcome at your destination though so it’ll be worth it.


Throwing caution to the wind is not advised today Taurus. If anything, you should try and be  more switched on than usual as the afternoon could bring few unexpected surprises.


You’ll be flattered by all of the attention you get this Friday Gemini, but be careful that you don’t get a swelled head over it all. Also, spare a thought for your friend who doesn’t feel so good about themselves right now, see if you can do something to boost their confidence a little.


Cancer, whether you’re prepared for it or not, someone will spill all of their feelings for you today and tell you EXACTLY how they feel. You’ll be shocked, yes, but try to let them down gently if you don’t feel the same way.


All of the extra work you’ve taken on recently is starting to take its toll and you’re feeling more tired than ever Leo. If you’re asked to give up even more of your free time than you already have; say no.


As much as you’ll want to back out of the plans you made with your new love, you’ll decide to stick to your guns and you’ll be glad of it in the end. They will have something very special planned for you!


Libra, the cringe factor is heading your way today as it looks like you’ll accidentally say something VERY inappropriate in a public place, where lots of people will hear. Spare your blushes by making a speedy exit.


You only have 24 hours in a day Scorpio and like everyone else, you need to make time to sleep. There’s only so much you can manage to fit in to any given day so don’t beat yourself up if you don’t always reach your target.


Don’t be fed a lie this Friday Sagittarius, no matter how good-looking or convincing the person feeding you the story is. If you know it’s BS call them out on it.


Capricorn, if you’re getting sick and tired of always being pushed to the back of the que – either metaphorically of physically being pushed out of line – then put and end to it this Friday.


Aquarius you’ll be able to spend lots of time in a place that you love today. This might be your parent’s hours or a friend’s new apartment, wherever it is, you’ll be completely content.


Drama can find another home this Friday because there’ll be no room for it in your life Pisces. Listening to friends complaining about the same thing over and over, will begin to grate on your nerves.