Saturday 24th February 

Cheer up Capricorn, things aren’t so bad


You might have a strong personality Aries, one that could potentially make other people feel a bit intimated. If you’re aware of this, try not to use it to your advantage today. Bad karma and all of that.


A big change in your normal routine will throw things out of sync for a while but you’re strong Taurus, there’s no reason why this has to bother you. Finally telling your other half that your opinion matters just as much as theirs will feel incredible.


There’s be no holding back with what you say when someone seriously rubs you up the wrong way this Saturday Gemini. It looks like this could even be a family member – try to make up before next Christmas rolls around.


Get your runner on this morning Cancer, because this Saturday you’ll be all about getting out in the open and getting as much exercise as you can. If you feel like backing out tomorrow, just remember how much energy you had after working out today.


Done something with your hair lately Leo? A new perfume maybe? Whatever it is, you’re doing something right because you will notice a LOT of attention coming your way this Saturday. It’s harmless and a confidence boost so enjoy it.


Same drama, different day Virgo? We hear you. This Saturday is the day when you finally decide that you’ve had enough of the crap and decide to do something about it. Make some constructive changes and watch your life transform.


Good things will be on their way to you today Libra. You might even meet some people in the afternoon that, from the outset you wouldn’t necessarily think you would all be friends, but once you get chatting this all seems to be irrelevant.


No matter how much you want to win the argument and have the final word, this Saturday Scorpio will have to bite their lip for their own good. It doesn’t look like your friends will be giving you much support either so just walk away and try not to let it ruin your whole weekend.


Are you still thinking about that comment an older relative made to you about five years ago? If it’s still playing on your mind, then ask yourself why this is? Was there some truth in what they said? If not then let it go and move on.


It seems as though Capricorn will be struggling to find reasons to out a smile on their face this Saturday. To be fair you’ve had a pretty tough time of it of late, but on the other hand have a look around at the people who don’t have what you do. Still feel so bad? Yeah, didn’t think so.


Drama at home Aquarius? If so, it looks like most of your time and energy will be taken up with dealing with this. If it’s the first time this particular issue has become a problem then deal with it now, don’t let it fester.


Not getting the attention you feel you deserve? Well is looks like Pisces will be headed straight to the shops in order to turn their other half head this weekend. Remember tough, you can spend all the money you  want, but it may not change things.