Monday 26th February 

Brush off any negativity today Gemini


If you have to travel somewhere today Aries, bring along a friend with you to make the journey seem shorter. Make sure they don’t get on your nerves though – there’s a long drive ahead.


Taurus will have some difficulty deciding on what really matters to them this Monday and what are the things in their life that really, they could live without. Make up your mind and delete the excess baggage.


A hurtful comment will have shattered your confidence last week Gemini, but don’t let that make you feel like crap for this week too. Remember, it was said out of jealousy so rise above it and move on.


Monday brain will be in full swing for you Cancer. The beginning of the week is always tough – especially if you’ve had an incredible weekend. Try and get your head back in the game though, there’s work to be done.


Help someone you work with today Leo by giving them some advice that they can actually use. Remember when someone helped you out? Well now it’s your turn to pass the torch.


Today you’ll have zero time for someone who gets under your skin Virgo. The problem won’t just be that they annoy you, but that you find it hard to turn a blind eye to their shadiness.


Libra, steer clear of anything that’s extravagant or over the top this Monday. Yes, you may have a flair for the dramatic and all things extra, but today you’ll have to reign than in unfortunately.


Ignoring some good advice will cost you bigtime (and we mean big) today Scorpio. You know what you’re doing is wrong, so don’t let your stubborn streak make a mess of things completely.


If you’ve had a big falling out with one of your closest friends recently Sagittarius, then today you should be the grown-up and make contact with them. It might be awkward at first but you can be sure they want to clear the air as much as you do.


Reach a compromise with a colleague this Monday Capricorn. You’ve been butting heads with the is person for months now so it’s obviously not going to get any better unless one of you decides to take a step back.


You will have loads of new ideas today Aquarius, so don’t let them go to waste. Have you been thinking about taking a chance and setting up a business of your own? If so, now’s your time.


Need some good luck to come your way? Well this Monday is that day Pisces. Now that luck is on your side what are you going to do about it?