Tuesday 27th February 

Don’t settle for second best today Virgo


Are you struggling to finish a work assignment Aries? If so, shut down your laptop and take a break for an hour. Some fresh air and a change of scenery for a while will really help.


You will have ALL of the emotions this Tuesday Taurus. Try not to let these get out of hand if you’re in public though. It might be difficult, but all of the questions and sympathetic looks just won’t be worth it.


It looks like Gemini will get some news – great news even – about a new job they have applied for. If it’s what you want to do then accept the offer right away. Don’t walk away from a good thing.


Cancer, today you’ll be reminded that there’s no ‘i’ in team. Regardless of the things you have to get done, all of that will have to be put to one side until a job in your office is finished. Many hands, light work and all of that.


Is one of your close friends cramping your style this Tuesday Leo? And by that we mean actively copying everything you do in a not so subtle way? Yes, it’s very frustrating but they do say imitation is the most sincere form of flattery, don’t they?


Virgo, today you won’t want to settle for anything other than the best and why should you? Whether that’s in your personal life or if you’re buying something new and exciting. Know your worth and other people will start to take notice.


Today you will be on the receiving end of some cutthroat behavior. This is crappy at the best of times but when it happens to be people who you thought were friends, it makes things ten times worse. We feel your pain, Libra.


Been listening to Olivia Newton John’s Physical again Scorpio? Either that or someone in particular has caught your eye. Whatever it is, make sure the person you’re chasing after isn’t already taken.


You’ll be full of excuses this Tuesday Sagittarius, but be careful that you don’t use the same excuse – on the same person – more than once. The dog ate your homework stopped being funny years ago.


Capricorn, today you’ll finally get the chance to talk to the person you’ve been crushing on for months now. If they hint at the two of you going on a date, go for it! What have you got to lose?


Do things feel a bit dull and boring at the moment Aquarius? Don’t wait around for other people to add some fun to your life, do it yourself. Make an effort to meet new people today as well.


Are you feeling a bit drained and just not quite your fabulous self, right now Pisces? If so, don’t put a doctor’s visit off for too long. You need to look after yourself before you can take care of anyone else.