Wednesday 28th February 

Feel like you’re being lied to Aquarius? Get to the bottom of this


Everyone knows you have a way with words – and people it seems. This Wednesday you’ll have to use your people skills to make everyone feel relaxed and at ease. A simple job for you Aries.


Knowledge is power, but you know this already don’t you Taurus? Well today you’ll put this to use but it might not be in the way that you think.


Today will be all about creating memories for Gemini and we’re not just talking about the ones that are posted on Instagram. This Wednesday, do something special you’ll remember for years.


If money problems are a worry, look at where you can cut back and save a little Cancer. We know packed lunches are never that exciting but they do keep money in your pocket so that has to count for something.


You will feel insecure and not as confident as usual this Wednesday Leo. Think about why this might be and see if there are things you could do to make you feel a little better about yourself.


Virgo, a friend will convince you that their plan is a good idea today even though you know that couldn’t be further from the truth. Be a Shepard, not a sheep in future.


Don’t panic if something goes wrong in the office this Wednesday Libra. It might be your go to mode when things go t**s up, but today is the day when you change all that. From now on it’s all about positive thinking.


You’ll get some bad news today Scorpio and this will put a top stop any plans you had made for the day. Don’t feel guilty about missing out on the day you thought you were going to have.


Getting lots of attention lately Sagittarius? If you haven’t, that’s all about to change this Wednesday because everyone will be looking in your direction. If you’re trying to catch someone’s eye, now is your chance.


Negativity needs to find a new place to pitch its tent as far as you’ll be concerned today, Capricorn. It looks like an exciting new job opportunity is on the cards as well – Wednesday’s aren’t that bad after all.


That nagging feeling that your best mate isn’t telling you the full story won’t leave you alone today Aquarius. If you know something isn’t adding up, question them on it. You’ll never know if you don’t try.


Bad habits can bite the dust this Wednesday because Pisces will be DONE with all of that. If you’re feeling confident that you can do anything – it’s because you can!