Don’t lead someone on this Friday Pisces

Don’t lead someone on this Friday PiscesShutterstock

Don’t lead someone on this Friday Pisces



It's Friday, which Aries would usually be buzzing about but this weekend is looks like you have loads to do and the time left for chilling out will be slim to none. Still though, it’s better to have ALL of next weekend free right?


Been thinking about going back to college Taurus, or maybe even starting a night class but your budget isn’t really going to stretch that far? Why not look at online options? It could save you loads of time and money for that matter.


Feeling a little taken for granted Gemini? You might have been with your other half since college but that doesn’t mean they can start to let the relationship go stale. Tell them how you feel, they can’t change if you don’t give them the opportunity to.


Cancer it looks like you will get a fantastic opportunity this Friday, but there will be something that will hold you back from accepting this new position in work. If you’re worried about what your co-workers will think, then ask yourself what they would do in your situation.


You set yourself high standards - which is perfectly fine - but you also have high expectations from other people too. The former you can achieve, but you’ll only end up disappointed if you expect other people to operate in the same way as you. (FYI, they don’t).


Check you out Virgo, it seems as though things are really starting to look up for you. You have a BIG influence on other people which you should use to achieve great things – and is that a social media career we see in the future? Watch this space.


Trust your instincts this Friday and don’t doubt the decisions you make. Remember, you felt it was the right thing to do at the time – you wouldn’t have done it otherwise, right? – so why question your actions now?


You’ll have ALL of the ideas today Scorpio, the only problem is, you’ll lack the motivation it’ll take to actually get them done. If you’ve made a commitment then see it through, but in future make sure you have the time to do all that you promise people.


Have you taken someone else’s ideas and passed them off as your own Sagittarius? You may have gotten away with this before, but this Friday it’s going to catch up with you. Let it be a lesson learned and don’t repeat it again in the future.


Capricorn, your weekend will start earlier – MUCH earlier – than you expected. Your boss will let you go home before the end of business, meaning you’ll have loads of time to chill out and get ready for the night out you have planned. Winning!


Count to 10 when you get angry today Aquarius. Yes, your other half has done the one thing you’ve asked them not to and yes, they know how much it annoys you but is it really worth having another argument about? Especially when you have so much to do today.


Who has been treating you to expensive gifts and weekends away Pisces? If you’re flattered by the attention and the presents but don’t actually like them in that way, tell them now before they develop (even more) feelings for you.