Keep living your life your way Leo!

Keep living your life your way Leo!Shutterstock

Keep living your life your way Leo!


Aries, this Friday you will go completely out of your way to lend a hand to a friend who’s having a rough time of late. But instead of gloating about this to get a pat on the back from others, you could decide to keep your kind acts to yourself – you don’t need to tell people everything you do all of the time.


Are you forgetting something important this Friday Taurus? If so, then it might be a good idea to check your diary as your other half may not be too impressed if you forget that it’s their birthday (again). Make up for last year’s disappointment and get them something really special.


Gemini, you know those people who walk around pretending everything is hunky dory all the time and that they live in one big perfect bubble? Well then don’t be like them today. If things are pretty crappy right now, tell someone about it; their day might not be going so well either.


Cancer, even though you normally would never break a promise, and have zero time for the people who do, unfortunately it looks like you may have to do just that this Friday. On the bright side, the person you have to give the bad news too will completely understand.


Do you dance to the beat of your own drum Leo? If so, then that’s fantastic – keep on dancing we say! However, today it seems as though it could be the exception to the rule because you’ll realise that sometimes it’s actually really important to get someone elses’ opinion on an issue.  


It looks like love will be in the air for you this Friday Virgo – who will the lucky person be though? If you’re already taken, then don’t be too surprised if your partner decides to surprise you with a romantic weekend away. (*Que cliché romance music we all love to hate).


Libra will go about their day as normal this Friday, but they’ll try to do so without getting too distracted as they’ve got a lot going on right now and the sooner they get finished with their work, the sooner they can leave the office and deal with the drama taking place outside of work.


Scorpio, if you’re not feeling very well and you haven’t felt like your usual self in a while now then don’t put off a visit to the doctor any longer – get yourself checked out asap. If you’re told you need to take a few days off to rest and relax, then you should do just that. There’s no room for excuses where this is concerned!


If you haven’t got any major plans for your Friday evening Sagittarius, then why not take a pal up on their invitation to visit an event that’s happening near where you live? It might not scream fun to you initially, but once you get there, you could end up having an amazing time.


Has your week been non-stop from the moment you woke up on Monday morning until now? If this is the case, then Capricorn should take full advantage of their free schedule this weekend and use the time to fit in as much sleep as they can.


Aquarius, it looks like you’ll have no time for pettiness and the drama going on in your friend’s lives today. If you recently got back from some sort of charity trip or completing volunteer work, you’ll have a completely different outlook on life and realise that a lot of the BS going on around you is totally unimportant.


Have you started to fall for someone recently Pisces? It’s such an exciting time, meaning it can be easy to lose the run of yourself but, before you to go ahead and make things official, maybe you should stop to think if this person is really the one for you.