Pisces will be totally distracted this Friday

Pisces will be totally distracted this FridayShutterstock

Pisces will be totally distracted this Friday


Aries, it looks like a lot of your time today will be spent figuring out ways in which you can sort out some of the problems in your office. If things have changed a lot recently and you're still trying to get used to all that's happening, then this will be a Friday well spent. 


Nowadays it seems rare when people really appreciate the things we do for one another, especially the little things. However, this Friday Taurus will be surprised when someone who usually has very little to say will be more than willing to express their gratitude. 


Gemini it seems as though you're in for somewhat of an emotional day this Friday. If you've been waiting to hear some important new for a while now but you're still not sure what you would like the answer to be, today you will ind out whether you're ready or not! 


Oh, it seems as though Cancer's stubborn streak will be in full swing today and they will find it very difficult to admit it when they are wrong, even if it's blatantly obvious to them and everyone else around them that they are. Be an adult and accept that you've made a mistake. 



Leo it looks like this Friday could bring with it lots of change for you in ways that you wouldn't have even imagined to begin with. These could be a little unsettling to begin with - it'll be something new after all - but once you get used to them, you;ll wonder what all the fuss was about in the first place. 


Regardless of how many challenges Virgo faces this Friday, their determination to succeed and not let anything stand in their way will win throughout. Remember, don't be afraid to ask for help if you need it, or accept it if it's given. 



Libra, this Friday you could find it more difficult than usual to fully concentrate on the task at hand in work and as a result you'll be looking for distractions wherever you ca find them. If you're on a deadline and need to get moving, find a quiet corner to work in. 


Today it seems as though Scorpio will be inspired to go for a whole new look or change their appearance in some way. Other people might try to talk you out of this but you'll know that once you've made your mind up about something, there's no going back. 


Sagittarius today seems like it would be the perfect time for Sagittarius to stop worrying about everyone else around them and to concentrate on themselves for a change. There's nothing selfish about taking some time out to focus on you for a while.  


Today Capricorn might not be feeling like their usual positive selves and as a result they could start to take their frustration out on the people they meet throughout the day. Keep in mind though, you'll only get away with a crappy mood for so long before people stat asking questions. 


Aquarius, perhaps this Friday isn't the best day in the week for you to start a new and complicated task? If you've already had a pretty stressful few weeks, why not give yourself a chance to recharge a little before you go looking for the next big project? 


Today, almost all of Pisces' attention will be focused on a big event they they're either organising or attending this evening. If you're the one responsible for putting everything together, keep in mind that regardless of how hard you try, you can't make other people have fun!