Meeting the in-laws Leo? Try not to look so terrified.

Meeting the in-laws Leo? Try not to look so terrified. Shutterstock

Meeting the in-laws Leo? Try not to look so terrified


Quit your negative thinking Pisces and get things into perspective. If you’re constantly looking for the doom and gloom that’s all you’ll see, but if you look for the happiness in life, things will seem much brighter to you.


Not feeling motivated Taurus? Looking for some inspiration? Well then to get yourself out of the rut that you’ve been in for a couple of weeks, you need to change your surroundings. Why not book a city break to a place with lots of culture and activities? We’ve a feeling this could help (a lot).


Who knew there was a sporting hero in you Gemini? A fun sports day or some charity competition at work will actually show everyone your hidden talents. Don’t get too competitive though; remember it’s meant to be for fun after all.


Cancer, you’ll be thrilled for your other half this Friday when they announce they have been given a huge promotion; the only catch is they’ll have to move to a new country in order to accept it. Are you willing to make that move with them or will the two of you have to sit down for a very serious conversation?


Are you meeting your new beau’s parents this evening Leo? Are you freaking out that you’re not going to make a good impression? Well stop fretting for starters and just be yourself. Your partner obviously thinks you’re alright and their parents will too!


Virgo will be forced to choose between their family and a very close friend who needs their help this Friday. Don’t feel obligated to choose family just because you’re related to them, but then again don’t let your friend make you feel guilty for putting your family first. Only you can make this decision.


Have you been planning this evening’s outfit for weeks? Well it looks like this is going to seriously pay off because all eyes will be on you when you walk into the party tonight! Be prepared for a lot of compliments.


Someone will start to seriously get on your nerves this Friday Scorpio. If they happen to be your housemate, well then there isn’t much you can do about that, but if they’re a friend, why not avoid them for a few weeks? You don’t HAVE to see them every day.


Has looking back at old photos and home videos from when you were a child made you feel a little nostalgic today Sagittarius? Well why not take a trip home to see your family this weekend? Visit the places you loved when you were a kid.


Capricorn will spend a lot of today thinking about an argument they had with an ex a long time ago. If the words they used and what they said really hurt you, then tell them how you feel. They have no right to make you feel that way and let them know it!


Looking for ways to make a little extra cash Aquarius? Well look into your wardrobe for starters. Are there loads of cloths in there that you have never and will never wear? Look into selling them online. You could even make a little profit too so it’s worth a shot.


Today could be the most productive day of your life Pisces – you just have to be willing to put in the work. If time management is a problem, why not set yourself a certain amount of time to get a project finished? That way you’ll realise pretty quickly if you’re falling behind.