Welcome to the weekend Taurus, what does today have in store for you?

Welcome to the weekend Taurus, what does today have in store for you?Shutterstock

Welcome to the weekend Taurus, what does today have in store for you?


Aries don't pay attention to any of the negative things you might hear from others this Friday. If someone has a real issue with you then they should tell you to your face not whisper behind your back. Hold your head up high and ignore it. 


Yes it's almost the weekend but try not to get too carried away about this before you finish work this Friday Taurus as, by the looks of things, there's still a lot of work to get done before you can clock off for the next two days. 


Gemini today it could be more difficult than usual for you to concentrate in the office as it seems as though there will be a lot more than usual going on. If this is the case, and if you're on a deadline, then find somewhere peaceful to work. 


Oh Cancer, it looks like you could get a rather strange present this weekend, from someone who you would have assumed knew your taste a little better. Still, it's the thought that counts, so try to keep this is mind! 


Leo this doesn't looks like it will be any ordinary Friday for you as there will be a lot happening in both your professional and personal life. If you're particularly good with people and helping them to work out their problems, then this skill will be called upon at some point today. 


If money issues are really starting to worry you, then try not to fret too much today Virgo as it looks like everything will end up working out for you in the end. Your ability to make the best of any situation is something you should never lose. 


Libra, if the more stubborn side of your personality usually ends up getting you into some trouble then it seems as though the opposite will be true this Friday, as it will be exactly what you need in order to stand your ground and not give up on something you feel strongly about. 


Instead if rushing around like you normally do, try to stop and take it a bit slower this Friday Scorpio in order to appreciate the little things in life. You could be surprised by what you see when you take the time to notice what's happening around you. 


Sagittarius it looks like you will accidentally discover some very interesting information this Friday morning, information that will not just be a surprise but it could end up really shocking you! If you need to talk to someone about this and get it off your chest, then you should do just that. 


Try not to rush into making any big or important decisions today Capricorn as your feelings or opinions on the matter could change pretty quickly. Why not give ti a few days and if you still feel the same then, then you know what your answer will be. 


Aquarius, don't just say the first thing that comes to mind this Friday, instead you'll have to be a lot more careful with the words you choose and the way in which you talk to other people. If someone doesn't know your personality then they could be a little offended.   


The things you hear and the stories people tell will really surprise you today Pisces, so much so, that you could end up questioning some of your friendships and the reasons why you're friends with these people in the first place.