Pisces will aim to impress this Monday

Pisces will aim to impress this MondayShutterstock

Pisces will aim to impress this Monday


Aries this Monday it seems as though you could be in a bit of an odd mood at work and are quite likely to snap at your co-workers or say something unkind if they get on your nerves. Take five minutes to calm down before you say something you could end up regretting. 


You'll get some good news today Taurus which will brighten up your day no end. If you'e had a lot of worries on your mind of late, then this Monday these will become a thing of the past and you'll be free to go about your day as normal. 


Gemini, do your best not to get too distracted in work today, even if you have a lot going on around you. Other people might not be as busy in the run up to Christmas, but that doesn't mean that you can afford to start taking a back seat and not work as hard. 


Your day may not get off to the best start this Morning Cancer as it looks like there a quite a big chance you could have a disagreement or maybe even an argument with your other half before you leave for work. If so, try not to let it ruin your mood. 


Leo, today your money worries will be drifting further and further away as you will come up with a fantastic plan to get your finances back on track. I you don't feel like sharing your ideas with anyone else yet, then you don't have to. 


It's the start of a new week and Virgo will be more than ready to face this one with a smile on their face and a positive attitude to match. If someone says something negative in order to try and change your frame of mind, don't stoop to their level - just ignore them! 


Libra, try not to read into something you overhear someone else saying this Monday as it's possible you will be taking this out of context and misunderstand what they really meant. It's best to talk to the person themselves before jumping to any conclusions. 


This looks like the perfect time for Scorpio to make a change in their life and not worry about the what ifs. If other people try to convince you not to take a chance then don't pay any attention to them, you know what's best for you, better than anyone else. 


Sagittarius, if this Monday is anything to go by then it seems as though this week is already shaping up to be a great one for you. Things will be going well in your personal life and even better in your career. Keep this up and who knows what next year will bring! 


Today Capricorn could find it hard to know what another person is thinking as their behaviour will be super confusing. Instead of ignoring this, talk to them and see what is going on, then figure out a plan to get things back on track. 


Aquarius, it look like you'll be able to see who your rel friends are this Monday as the fake ones will disappear quite quickly when things get tough. This could men that your circle will become smaller, but no less important because of it. 


If you have a job to do this Monday Pisces then nothing and no one will get in your way of seeing this through until the end. Other people, particularly your boss, will be impressed by your determination and will consider you for a promotion the next time one becomes available.