Get to know someone before you start to trust them Scorpio

Get to know someone before you start to trust them ScorpioShutterstock

Get to know someone before you start to trust them Scorpio



Aries, it looks like you’ll be everyone’s go-to person this afternoon. Some colleagues will want you to help them out with a project they’re working on while others might just want your honest opinion.


Are you taking advantage of a cushy situation Taurus? It doesn’t matter if you’re the boss’ favourite, it’s not an excuse for rocking up to work an hour late each morning. Start behaving like everyone else, or you could start to lose friends.


Thinking logically, or even thinking things through for that matter, won’t be your strong suit today Gemini. If you’re struggling to get your job done properly though, maybe think about taking the afternoon off so that you can start fresh with a clear head tomorrow.


You know what they say Cancer, every day’s a school day and this Monday will be no different for you. If you’ve started a new course recently or have decided to give an old hobby another try, you’ll be surprised by the amount of progress you’ll be making.


Do things sensibly today Leo and avoid anything that is likely to have implications in the long run, especially if it has something to do with your health. You might want to see results fast, but slow and steady always wins the race.


Ugh your morning will be a bit if a disaster today Virgo so you can forget any plans you had made for the day. It looks like one of your co-workers is out sick and guess who’ll be picking up the slack – you got it!


Be careful what you say to people today Libra because there’s no taking it back once it’s said. We’ve all wanted to say something to hurt someone in the heat of an argument, but today you could take things too far and this will be very difficult to fix.


Are you too trusting Scorpio? It might be a good idea not to take people at face value this Monday. It’s one thing to tell them your business but it’s another thing to tell them someone else’s. Maybe don’t share the office gossip just yet.


Sagittarius it’s time to stop running away from your problems and finally face them today. If there’s someone you feel really intimidated by so try to avoid them wherever and whenever possible, be a grown up and approach them once and for all.


Get ready to hear some news that we have a feeling you’ll find hard to believe this Monday. Someone you have always considered to be a good friend will decide that they want to tell you how they really feel today.


Don’t decide to quit and give up just because the project you’re working on turns out to be more difficult than you thought it was going be. You’ve got this far so why are you doubting yourself? Keep going, the finish line is almost in sight.


Don’t be afraid to catch feelings Pisces, but by the looks of it, we think you already have! Are you starting to feel like a friend has become a little more than a friend lately? If you’re honest with them, you could be surprised by their answer (in a good way).