Make this Monday a super productive one Cancer

Make this Monday a super productive one CancerShutterstock

Make this Monday a super productive one Cancer


It looks like Aries is set to receive some unexpected news from a friend this Monday. If you thought that the chances of you getting back together with the person you have strong feeling for wasn’t a possibility, what your pal will tell you could make this seem like a realistic option.


Taurus, today you’ll find it difficult to get back into work mode after the weekend, and even more difficult to get involved in a new project in your office. If you try to blame your colleagues for this, remember, your lack of motivation will have a lot more to do with you than it does them.


Gemini, it looks like you could be a little on the anxious side this Monday and panic over the smallest thing. Have you got something on your mind that’s causing you to feel this way? If so, then it’s best to address this and nip it in the bud sooner rather than later.


If you’ve got a busy few days ahead Cancer, then try to be as organised and as productive as possible this Monday. By doing this you’ll manage to get everything done (and properly at that) with time to spare by the end of the week. Winning.


Leo, have you opened up a new business in the past year? Has the first 12 months been much tougher than you anticipated – both financially and emotionally? If so, then look at your finances this week and decide if it’s going to be worth your while seeing this through for another year.


Virgo, if you’ve been avoiding having a difficult conversation with your other half then it looks like this Monday you won’t be able to run away from this any longer as your partner will want to talk. Remember, if you’re honest about how you feel everything will get easier from there on out.


Someone you know, who’s generally quite laidback, will change their tune this Monday and suddenly become very critical, of themselves and other people! If they start to make comments on your appearance or your outfit choice, then let them know that you won’t stand for that.


Are you struggling to read situations Scorpio? Or what other people are feeling? It might sound like an obvious choice, but the best thing to do is to talk to whoever is making you feel this way. What’s the worst that could happen?


Are you finally ready for a change Sagittarius? If so, then it seems as though this Monday is the perfect time to hatch a plan to achieve your new goals. Don’t pay attention to anyone who says these aren’t attainable, just use it as motivation to make you work even harder going forwards!


Capricorn, you’re usually super hard to fool but if you’re not careful today then there’s a big chance someone will be able to pull the wool over your eyes – and very easily too! If something seems a little off with what someone is telling you, the it’s probably an alternative version of the truth (aka lies!)


Despite all of your planning Aquarius the one thing you simply cannot control, will decide to play havoc with your hard work – yep you guessed it, the weather will rain all over your parade this Monday. If you’ve organised an outdoor party then don’t panic, just move the festivities indoors. Simples.


Pisces, it doesn’t look like this Monday will be a particularly hectic one for you, but maybe that’s a good thing after the weekend you’ve had, are we right? You will however, have to be there for a friend who’ll be in need of some relationship advice.