Other people will be relying on you today Capricorn

Other people will be relying on you today CapricornShutterstock

Other people will be relying on you today Capricorn


Aries it looks like this Monday you will have to step up to the mark and complete a challenge on your own. You might not feel like you#re prepared enough for this just yet, but when one of your colleagues let's you down at the last minute you may not have a choice. 


What's got you so distracted today Taurus? Could it be that certain someone you met at the weekend, who you have't been able to stop thinking about ever since? If so, why not take a chance and get in touch? What's the worst that could happen? 


Gemini, this Monday everyone will be following what you do and trying their bets to emulate the things you do. If you have great personal style, then don't be too surprised if some people try to copy this for themselves as well. 


This week Cancer could feel a bit like they've taken a step back in time when they find themselves in a set up that reminds them of being back in school. If this is necessary in order for you to tale the next step in your career, then just make the most of it. 


Leo, if you're struggling to finish your daily tasks today and even if the simplest of jobs feel like they're too much for you to handle, then why not ask someone you know and trust for some help? You never know when you will be able to return the favour to them. 


Don't be too surprised if you don't notice any major results this Monday Virgo as it's that whatever project you're working on just needs a little bit more time to fully take shape. When you need some good advice about this, ask someone who will be honest with you. 


Libra, this Monday it looks like you will be given the opportunity to do the right thing - but no one ever said that doing so would be easy now did they? It will be difficult for you to make a decision but once you do you'll know that it was the right thing to do. 


Got some goals that you need to start working on Scorpio? Well then stop putting these on the long finger and make a start a achieving them today. There's no time like the present! Don't be too disheartened if you don't succeed right away. 


Sagittarius, it looks like you'll wake up in a fantastic mood this Monday, ready to start this week in a positive way! If you've been wanting to make some changes where your career is concerned but haven't been sure what to do about this, you could meet someone who will help today. 


This Monday Capricorn could find themselves being relied on by a lot of other people for emotional support when they need it most. This is a nice position to be in as it meas people trust you, but it can also be a lot to handle so if you need to talk to someone, you should do just that. 


Aquarius, if you've always been a Shepard and never been a sheep, then why start following the crowd today? Just because other people don't always agree with your decisions or see things the way you do, doesn't mean that you should have to change who you are. 


Today could make the start of some big changes in your life Pisces - these could be pretty small and things that you may not notice for a long time, or they could be really significant ones, that you'll be able to celebrate right away. Either way it's a win, win really.