Let nothing stand in your way this week Aries

Let nothing stand in your way this week AriesShutterstock

Let nothing stand in your way this week Aries


Ares will be ready to hit the ground running this week. Nothing and no one will stand in your way. It looks like you have some big plans for the next few days, so don’t waste any time.


Don’t take people at face value this Monday Taurus because they might only be showing you the side that they want you to see. Also, people who pretend to be your friends could try to lead you astray so be a Shepard not a sheep!


Spotted something new Gemini? It looks like the new person in the office has seriously turned your head today. Don’t make it too obvious though, if you act too keen it could freak them out a little.


Cancer will get some tough criticism today. You might have thought you were doing the best best you could but was that really the case? Try to put in a little more effort from now on.


Lucky you Leo, today you’ll get some unexpected free time – which is always the best – to do exactly as you please. It might be something really simple like getting to the gym an hour early, but hey, don’t knock it.


Virgo, even though you’re usually good at seeing people’s true colours you’ll find this tricky today and you could be lead astray. Ask someone you trust for advice if you’re struggling to make a decision. 


You will be seriously pleased with yourself today Libra because it looks like the project you have been working on for what feels like months, will FINALLY be finished. Go all out this evening and treat yo’self – you deserve it.


Have you been acting differently lately Scorpio? You might have thought you were getting away with it, but friends and family will start asking questions. If you don’t have a good excuse, you better start telling them what’s going on.


Don’t be a lick a**e this Monday Sagittarius, it’s so transparent and pretty fake. If you’re trying to impress someone, why not have a proper conversation with them instead? We think this will work a whole lot better.


It looks like Capricorn will find it pretty tough keeping their opinions to themselves this Monday and if someone asks for your honest opinion, they’re going to get it – warts and all. 


Feeling tired Aquarius? It’s no wonder with the amount of work – and extra work – that you’ve been doing lately. If you find it difficult to say no to helping people this has to stop, your free time is just as important as theirs.


Changed your hair Pisces? New perfume? Whatever it is, it’s most certainly working because today you will be getting ALL of the attention. Don’t boast to your friends though, their love life may not be going so well right no