Don’t expect too much from people Virgo, you could be disappointed

Don’t expect too much from people Virgo, you could be disappointedShutterstock

Don’t expect too much from people Virgo, you could be disappointed



Aries, it looks like your new neighbors will be moving on this Saturday. Why not invite them around for drinks once they’ve settled into their new place? You never know, you could have lots in common and end up being pretty friendly.


You might think you’re a fantastic driver Taurus but when you offer to drive someone else’s car you may realise differently. Take this as an opportunity to brush up on your skills and the things you think you know. It can’t hurt right?


Gemini saying ‘I love you’ is fine and all but your other half is starting to doubt you mean the things you say. This weekend they’ll ask you to be more committed to your relationship. If you’re not prepared to do that then you need to tell them.


Someone in your family will have chosen to leave you some money Cancer, which could come as a bit of a surprise. It seems as though they had lots of other people they could have chosen from, so it might be best to keep this news to yourself for the time being,


Get up and get motivated this weekend Leo. You have loads to get through today and let’s face it, who wants to be scrubbing the bathroom floor at 11pm at night? Not us, that’s for sure. Set yourself a time limit and see if you can beat it!


Don’t take your bad mood out on the people around you this Saturday Virgo. You may have had a rough week and things are not going to plan at the moment, but be kind to those who care about you. They’ll do whatever they can to help, you just have to ask.


What you call innocent flirting could be taken as a sign that you’re interested to someone else. Today this will land you in some hot water with your other half, as the person you’ve been leading on will send you a text that, let’s just say, won’t leave much to the imagination.


Feeling tense Scorpio? If you know the exact reason for this, then why haven’t you done something about it? From now on you need to start taking things into your own hands and once that’s done, book yourself a massage. It looks like you could use one.


If you’re too focused on perfection in all areas of your life Sagittarius, then you’ll forget about having a little fun along the way. Eating healthy and exercising is fantastic, but treat yourself to pizza and a PJ day as well – that’s good for the soul.


If you’ve been looking forward to a weekend away with our pals for ages, then you’ll be pretty disappointed when one of them bails at the last minute. If this is a regular thing on their part, let them know that it’s not okay.


Forgetting something Aquarius? You’re forgetting lots of things by the looks of it. If you’ve loads going on right now and are having trouble keeping track of where you need to be and when, figure out a way of being more organized. There are lots of ways, so you’ve no excuses.


Use your words VERY carefully this Saturday Pisces, particularly if you’re talking to your other half about a pretty sensitive issue. Be honest for sure, but do this is a nice way.