Capricorn will want to run away from their responsibilities this Saturday

Capricorn will want to run away from their responsibilities this SaturdayShutterstock

Capricorn will want to run away from their responsibilities this Saturday


Aries it seems as though you’ll have to bite your tongue at some point today when you find yourself having to listen to someone’s long and (pretty boring) story. If you know the chances of this actually being true are pretty slim, then just go along with it. No one’s saying you have to believe them.


Normally we would advise everyone to take it easy on a Saturday and to keep tasks to a minimum, but today it seems as though Taurus will be the exception to the rule as they’ll have to get through quite a bit of work before the afternoon gets here. Try to prioritise your time correctly so that you’re not up working until all hours of the night.


Gemini you’re in luck this Saturday as you will be able to spend a lot of time at home with your family, in a place that you feel most content this weekend. If you’ve had a tough week then you’ll definitely be in need of a good rest for the next two days. If someone wants to pamper you, then you should absolutely let them!


Trying to find a balance in life is a tricky thing to do and this weekend Cancer will struggle to keep everyone happy. If a certain person or people in your life are putting pressure on you to make a decision that you simply don’t want to make, then it’s high time you let them know that you’re in charge of your own destiny – not them!


Leo today could be a pretty confusing day for you and there’s every chance that you could make a big mistake without even realising it. If this does happen, and if someone points your error out to you, then be the bigger person and accept your mistake. Trust us, the alternative is a whole lot worse.


Are you feeling a little under the weather this weekend Virgo? Have you just about had enough of people driving you crazy and life not working out as planned? If this is the case then cocoon yourself indoors over the next two days and forget about all of your worries. Treat yo’self to whatever comfort food you want and catch up your favourite trash TV. You’ll feel better in no time.


Planning things down to the smallest detail looks like it will be Libra’s strong suit this Saturday. If you and some pals are heading off early on a road trip, with a destination that’s unknown as of yet, then you’ll be the person who has thought of and indeed planned for every eventuality. It never hurts to be prepared!


Scorpio, this Saturday you’ll want nothing more than to spend the entire day in your own home and doing things that make you feel relaxed and at ease. Call these creature comforts if you like, we call them simply knowing what you like and sticking with it. Either way, you’re in for a good day all around.


Is there a chance that you’ve taken something out of context Sagittarius and seriously overreacted as a result? This happens to people all the time, but before you fly off the handle and start accusing people of all sorts make sure you have your facts in order first.


Capricorn being an adult is tough at the best of times, so when you get the chance to act a little more carefree than usual this weekend you can bet your bottom dollar that you’ll take it and run. Forget about your responsibilities for the day (within reason of course) and learn to have fun once again.


Routine and sticking to the plan will be what Aquarius’ day will mostly consist of this Saturday. If the reason for this is that you’ve got loads to get through and the only way to finish everything on time is by making a fail-safe plan, then hats off to you we say.


Pisces this Saturday you’ll realise that good friends are few and far between. That’s why you should begin to look for new outlets that you cold potentially meet some new people in. This doesn’t have to be a late bar or a nightclub, think outside the box this time.