Gemini, don\'t be afraid to stand your ground today

Gemini, don't be afraid to stand your ground todayShutterstock

Gemini, don't be afraid to stand your ground today


Aries this Saturday instead of getting too caught up in worrying about things that don't really matter all that much, it seems as though you will be able to see - and really appreciate - the little things in life, meaning your outlook will also change for the better. 


Ugh this weekend Taurus may find themselves getting annoyed or feeling frustrated by things that they normally wouldn't bat an eyelid at. If this is the case, then perhaps you should take some time for yourself to chill out and calm down. 


Gemini, just because you're close to someone it doesn't mean that you automatically have to do everything that they ask of you. If this person knows you very well then they'll also know that you have a tough time saying no, but don't let them take advantage of your kindness.  


This weekend will provide Cancer with all of the opportunities they've dreamed of, but now it's up to you to make your dreams a reality. If you've been hoping that someone else would step in and make this happen, then you can think again - now, it's all on you! 


Leo today you will wake up in a great mood, meaning nothing and no one will be able to put a damper on how you're feeling. If you decide that now is a good time for you to start learning a new hobby, then you'll be super successful with this as well. 


You may not do this intentionally, but this Saturday Virgo could end up accidentally putting their foot in it to the point where they cause two other people to have an argument. If this does happen, the best thing to do is wait until the dust settles to try and resolve things. 


Libra, it looks like you'll be packing your bags and heading off somewhere nice this Saturday. This won't be a super fancy getaway, but you won't mind - having a few days away from all that you've had going on recently will be more than enough. 


Remember Scorpio it's the weekend, which means you shouldn't stress yourself out worrying about work and your professional commitments until Monday roots around once again. Rest up for the next two days so that you're ready for whatever next week brings. 


Sagittarius, what 's put such a big smile on your face today? It might be nothing in particular but you will certainly feel happier and more excited about your future than you have in a long, long time. 


Instead of listening to the advice that other people try to give you, we think Capricorn would be better off doing what they feel is right for them and their life. Even if friends and family try to convince you otherwise, you know your own mind better than anyone. 


Aquarius it seems you will spend this Saturday visiting a pretty interesting place that you've never been before. Whilst there you could learn some very interesting information that will inspire you to start a new and challenging project of some kind. 


Don't sweat the small stuff this weekend Pisces, especially if you're in a relationship. Your other half could do a lot of things that annoy you but perhaps they feel the same way about your quirks? If it's not worth arguing over then just let it slide.