Use your words wisely this Saturday Aquarius

Use your words wisely this Saturday AquariusShutterstock

Use your words wisely this Saturday Aquarius


Aries today is your lucky day. A problem at home - like a leaky fridge or a broken washing machine – will mean spending money you hadn’t budgeted for, but the good thing is you’ll get a great deal on the repair, so you’re winning (kinda).


Ugh Taurus will have to spend a few hours helping out a pal this afternoon. In a moment of madness you agreed to go with them to see a band that you wouldn’t watch if they were on the TV, but being the good friend that you are, you’ll put a smile on your face and pretend you’re having a good time.


Gemini, you may have to tell a little white lie today about the amount of money you have spent on something – like an outrageous amount on shoes perhaps? If you do end up telling the truth, make sure the person you are telling, is sitting down.


Got some spare cash Cancer? Well then go out and get some fabulous pieces for your wardrobe. Spring is well and truly here so get out of those dark colours and step into pastels from here on out.


Have you searched high and low for something you had pretty much given up on finding? Well this Saturday you’re in luck as it looks like it will be making a reappearance! Next time, try to remember where you leave your stuff – it will save you SO much time.


Are your insecurities causing some tension in your relationship Virgo? Or are you simply in a bad mood this Saturday? Either way you better get your act together because it looks like your partner is losing their patience.


Is the house you’re living at the moment a bit of a nightmare Libra? Then why not get out of there for the day and go to a place that makes you feel happy? Leave the city (if you’re in one) and spend the day in the countryside.


Who are you trying to impress Scorpio? If you think that dressing or acting differently is going to make them like you more, well, you couldn’t be wrong in fact it could have to opposite effect. Just be you – you’re perfect the way you are.


Bad news Sagittarius, it looks like your weekend plans will have to be put on hold today when you get an urgent call from work. It means you’ll have to down tools and get to the office. On a Saturday at that. Yes, we know it’s so unfair.


It looks like this Saturday will be full of (not-so-exciting) chores for you Capricorn. You may get a better offer to spend the day with friends – a late brunch perhaps? – but don’t be tempted to leave the work unfinished.


Has anyone ever told you that you have a way with words Aquarius? If not, we’re pretty sure they’ll be telling you today as you’ll manage to get yourself out of a VERY sticky situation, simply by saying the right thing. We’re a bit jealous, tbh.


Got some good ideas Pisces? Maybe you’ve been looking for a little home decor inspo and you’ve seen the perfect solution to your storage problems on TV. If your attempt doesn’t look exactly the same, as long as it works for you that’s all that matters, right?