Is innocent flirting turning into something more Libra?

Is innocent flirting turning into something more Libra?Shutterstock

Is innocent flirting turning into something more Libra?



Take it easy this weekend Aries; why spend your Sunday running and racing when you could be chilling at home on the sofa? Exactly. Leave anything that can wait until tomorrow, until then. For now, press the snooze button.


Someone will really offend you with something they say today Taurus, but before you fly off the handle and accuse them of doing it on purpose, ask yourself if you’re being a bit over sensitive about it all.


Having confidence in yourself is a fantastic thing to have but don’t let this turn into something more Gemini, or you could find yourself in way over your head working somewhere you really shouldn’t be.


You’ll get some bad news about someone you work with today Cancer, which means you’ll spend most of Sunday worrying about them – and the week ahead. Put work out of your head for now if you can and concentrate on helping your work buddy.


If someone has treated you really crappy lately Leo, why should you be the one to make the first move towards repairing your friendship? If anything, they should be the one doing the groveling, so hold tight – soon enough they’ll realise they screwed up.


Try and reach a compromise with your other half this Sunday Virgo. You might like having things your own way, but the chances are, that they do as well. If you can’t agree on the small things, how do you expect to tackle the bigger issues in years to come?


Stop worrying Libra and start doing. Are you freaking out about money issues or where your career is going? Look at the things that you can change yourself and the rest will work out okay in the end.


Feel fresh and rested? Ready to tackle the day Scorpio? Well good, because by the looks of it you have a BIG day ahead of you. Catch up with pals and spend the day talking about old times.


Spare a thought for what the people close to you are going through right now Sagittarius. You might be SUPER busy and have loads to deal with but so do they, so make an effort to check in with them more often from now on.


What will you win this Sunday Capricorn? Entered some exciting competitions lately or are you just one of those lucky people who happens to be nearby when there’s free stuff going for the taking? Either way, you’ll come home with some gems today


Ugh, it looks like your romantic date with someone you really like will be gatecrashed, or datecrashed (sorry), by someone else this evening. Maybe it’ll be one of their friends, or someone you know from work who will decide to join your table.


If you’ve been at odds with your family for the past few week, over one thing or another, then this Sunday be the bigger person and try to sort things out. You’ll be glad when everything is back to normal again.