Other people will need to mind their own business today Aquarius

Other people will need to mind their own business today AquariusShutterstock

Other people will need to mind their own business today Aquarius


This Sunday Aries will begin to question the people and things around them and begin to wonder if they can trust everyone in their life – even the people they have known for years. Perhaps these doubts have more to do with you than anyone else though? If so, then maybe you should take a look at yourself before pointing the finger of blame.


Taurus will be making the most of their last day off before having to go back to work this Sunday and will decide that taking an unplanned day trip with friends is the perfect way to spend a few hours. Who cares if you haven’t got a plan? Part of the fun is seeing where you all end up.


It seems as though Gemini will have all of the emotions this Sunday and as a result you’ll be easily offended for most of the day. Someone could make an innocent joke, not meaning any offence by it but you could end up feeling very hurt by this and causing a bit of a scene. Will it really be worth it though?


Cancer if you’ve been procrastinating for the entire week and not getting anything done, then it looks like you’ll spend a lot of the day making up for the time you’ve lost out on all week! If your friends get in touch wanting to plan a fun day out, yet you’re not in a position to go, then use this as a lesson for the future.


Don’t push yourself to do anything you don’t feel up to doing this Sunday Leo. Perhaps other people like to make you feel as though your free time should be spent a certain way, but if this is the case then just ignore them. From now on you should focus less on what the people around you think and much more on how you feel yourself.


Virgo, had you planned on going shopping for a rather expensive item this weekend? If so then we hate to be the ones to break it to you, but this Sunday doesn’t look like the best time to go splashing the cash on a one-time purchase! Our advice is to hold off on this for a few days – you might even end up getting a better deal than you had anticipated.


It seems as though Libra’s attention won’t be on the present or even the future today, and rather all of their focus will be on the past. Is there a reason for you to be feeling so nostalgic today? Or perhaps you stumbled across some old photographs that are years old and it got you thinking about a particular time in your life when you were happy and carefree.


Scorpio, even though you might love nothing more than sinking your teeth into a project that requires your full concentration on a Sunday, the people around you might not see it the same way and if you’re not careful you could actually end up making them pretty annoyed. Remember, life is about compromise.


It can be difficult to know what other people are thinking sometimes, especially if you know that what they say and what they really mean, are two completely different things. If you find yourself in this position today Sagittarius, you’re better off ignoring other people’s drama and concentrating on the good thing in your own life.


Capricorn if there’s a person in your life whom you used to be extremely close to, yet in recent years this bond hasn’t been as strong as it once was, this Sunday it seems as though the two of you will have a brilliant opportunity to reconnect once again. If neither of you can remember why you fell out in the first place, then forget about it all together!


Tell someone to mind their own business this Sunday Aquarius if they end up asking you a very inappropriate question. Granted some people have no filter and have no problem expressing how they feel, whether this is good or bad, but that’s not to say that everyone thinks like that. Don’t feel obliged to say something you’re not comfortable with.


Pisces it seems as though your stubborn streak could make an appearance this Sunday when  you find yourself having some heated words with a relative of yours. If neither of you are prepared to let the other person have the last word, then be prepared for an all-out argument. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.