You’ll be all about the good vibes and positivity this Sunday Cancer

You’ll be all about the good vibes and positivity this Sunday CancerShutterstock

You’ll be all about the good vibes and positivity this Sunday Cancer


A work partner will make you seriously angry this Sunday Aries. Maybe it’s because when you to decided to go into business together you agreed to share the workload 50/50 or maybe it’s just that they’re a terrible business person. Cut your losses and get out of there!


Enjoy yourself this Sunday Taurus and don’t be tempted to take on more than you feel like. If all you want to do is veg out on the sofa and watch ALL of the series you’ve been missing out on lately, then go right ahead. It’s your weekend, enjoy it.


Gemini will spend the day trying to get away from real life it seems. Hiding out, online shopping is great and all – who hasn’t sent a day browsing (aka spending)? – but if you’re staying at home to avoid meeting someone you really ought to speak to, then that’s another story.


This Sunday will be a great one for you Cancer because you will focus on nothing but good vibes and positive thoughts, negativity can take itself elsewhere as far as you’re concerned. If friends try to bring you down, don’t let them.


You will be SERIOUSLY set in your ways this weekend Leo and the more people tell you to do something, the more you go against them. The only problem is, you’re not as correct as you think you are and by the time you realise this, it’ll be too late to back down.


Virgo will learn a tough but equally important lesson this Sunday, which is not to count on something before you’re sure it’s going to happen. That new house you’ve been telling everyone you were going to buy? We think you’ll have to start searching again unfortunately.


Has someone been going all out recently in a bid to win you over? Have then been puling out all the stops – aka romantic dinners and surprise gifts here and there? – well it looks like today they will outdo themselves, once again and you will finally make things official.


Sharing accommodation is never easy but this Sunday Scorpio will finally run out of patience when their flat mate decides that crazy o’clock in the morning is a suitable time to practice their musical talents (or lack of). You on the other hand will not, and you’ll be sure to tell them too.


Sagittarius will have a feeling of déjà vu this Sunday and they will find it really difficult to put their finger on why. Maybe it’s because you’re feeling as though you are repeating yourself in your daily life – is this a sign that it’s time for a change?  


What’s been holding you back from being honest – we mean REALLY honest – with your partner? The chances are they already know something’s not right and the more you deny it, the more they get mad. Open up and tell them the truth.


Everyone will want to talk to you today Aquarius, from friends to family and even people you don’t know on the street. Some will want advice, while others will just want to rant and need someone to listen. Good job you’re a good listener, eh?


Pisces will decide that this Sunday is the perfect time for them to streamline their lives. We’re not just taking about de-cluttering your wardrobe – although, that’s a good place to start – we mean everything, from work to friendships. Anything that causes you stress and doesn’t make you happy, get rid of it!