Your kindness will shine through this Sunday Pisces

Your kindness will shine through this Sunday PiscesShutterstock

Your kindness will shine through this Sunday Pisces


Not feeling too hot this Sunday Aries? Does it have anything to do with the ‘going out for one drink’ that ended in the club at 4am? Or are you genuinely sick? We’ve a feeling you’ll have trouble getting a lot of sympathy today. Soz, babes. 


Taurus will not have the best Sunday it seems as something difficult will be going on in their life at the moment and they’ll find it hard to put it out of their head, even for a little while. Get some friends over and talk it through together.


Gemini will remember to be grateful for the things that they do have and not spend the day pining for the things that they don’t. Take a walk in nature and give yourself a break from social media for an hour.


Try to be more patient this Sunday Cancer, especially if you’re chatting to someone much younger than you. Remember your cooler older cousin when you were 10? Now imagine if they were a complete b***h to you? It would’ve sucked wouldn’t it?


Leo will feel like giving their home a completely new feel this weekend. But if your budget won’t stretch that far, start with the room you spend the most time in. Remember it doesn’t cost the earth to make a place look great.


Friends cancelling your Sunday plans at the very last minute will get you down today Virgo. Maybe they keep doing this because you’ve never told them that it’s not okay? Grow a pair and stand up for yourself!


Does the person you really like feel too far out of your reach or are you just exaggerating your differences? Yes, they may have grown up differently than you did but that doesn’t mean things can’t work between the two of you. You’ll never know unless you try.


A small blip in the morning could have ruined your day but the positive attitude you’ve been rocking lately has helped you to look on the bright side once again Scorpio. The afternoon has some surprises for you and good ones at that.


Use the fee time you have today to get ready for the week ahead Sagittarius. We know you would rather spend your day lazing around the house – duh, it’s a Sunday after all – but you’ll feel super pleased with yourself when you’re ever so organised come Monday.


Get away from the DRAMA of everyday life today Capricorn. You’ve been patient long enough and tbh, we’re surprised you haven’t said something sooner, but now is the time to put the people driving you round the bend in their place.


Have you been looking for love lately Aquarius, but romance isn’t exactly blossoming as you had planned? Well the good news is today could change all of that for you and even though it may not be the person you had in mind, don’t shoot them down without at least giving them a chance.


Good for you Pisces giving up your day off to help out a relative who could do with a little extra help around the house. After that a recently-dumped friend will need a should to cry on and guess who’s shoulder that will be? (Ps ice cream is good for heartbreak).