Aquarius will have a difficult time convincing friends a plan is worth risking this Sunday

Aquarius will have a difficult time convincing friends a plan is worth risking this SundayShutterstock

Aquarius will have a difficult time convincing friends a plan is worth risking this Sunday


Aries it looks like you will wake up in a great mood this Sunday, but other people may try to tell you something that will change the way you feel. If this does happen, then don't rise to it and ignore any comments they make - nothing will get you down today.


If you accidentally end up finding out some news that you know in your heart of hearts you're not really meant to know, then don't be tempted to tell this information to anyone else. Otherwise, it could give the impression that you're not trustworthy. 


Gemini instead of being your usual confident and decisive self it seems as though you will find it difficult to make a decision on your own this Sunday and you will rely on other people to help you decide what is the right thing to do. 


Why look on something in a negative light when you could just as easily flip it on its head and see all of the positives instead? If you've been trying to keep a more positive frame of mind of late Cancer, then don't let one small slip up ruin this. 


Leo, it looks like you will experience some changes in your family set up this weekend, ones that you certainly were not expecting. Don't panic and spend the day worrying about how to fix these and instead focus on a new plan for the future. 


You might not feel like keeping a promise you've made or attending an appointment this Sunday Virgo but we think it would be a much better idea for you to do so as you could end up regretting it at a later date if you don't. 


Libra, today your main focus will be on creating a happy and welcoming home environment for you and your family, one that you can all enjoy. If other people don't appreciate the efforts you go to for them, then that's their issue, not yours. 


Instead of putting yourself last (which is what you usually do) this Sunday Scorpio should aim to think of themselves and their happiness a lot more. If you're always worried about other people's feelings and not your own, then this needs to change today. 


Sagittarius this Sunday looks set to be a rather successful one for you it seems, as you will be able to achieve anything you put your mind to and in record time as well. If other people express their doubts over your ability, then use it as an opportunity to prove them wrong. 


Today Capricorn will out their fears to one side and instead of playing it safe they will actually try something they've never done before! This could be a new sport or maybe even decide to sign up for a class they've always wanted to take. 


Aquarius it looks like you will have to be a bit more convincing than usual if you want your friends to go along with your latest plan. If they're usually pretty easy-going then this could surprise you a bit, but it won't alter your plans one bit. 


Instead of letting themselves get too bogged down with things to worry and fret about, instead Pisces will look on the bright side of life and choose to put a smile on the face and laugh where they can, especially in tough situations. This might not be everyone's way of coping, but if it works for you then where's the harm?