People won’t always see things the way you do Scorpio, but that’s okay

People won’t always see things the way you do Scorpio, but that’s okayShutterstock

People won’t always see things the way you do Scorpio, but that’s okay



Ugh it looks like you’ll pull the short straw this Thursday Aries, when you’ll be chosen to partner up with someone who’s less than popular in the office. Given them a chance though, you could be pleasantly surprised.


Taurus will get an unexpected visit from someone they haven’t seen in years today. At first, you’ll have a bit of a meltdown, thinking you don’t have time to sit a chat, but then you’ll realise that sometimes you have to put other people before yourself.


It looks like Gemini should dress their best today because the chances of them bumping into a hot stranger are seriously high. If they ask you out on a date, why say no? No one’s saying you have to marry them afterwards.


Cancer, you’ll have loads to do today but unfortunately distractions will be all around. Turn off your phone and find a quiet corner to knuckle down and get your work done.


Thinking about the future Leo? Right now we’re betting that this year’s summer holiday is about as far as you’ve gotten. Start looking at your dream destination and think of ways that you can make it happen.


A family dinner sounds like loads of fun in theory but once you get down to the logistics of it Virgo, you’ll realise it’s actually a lot of work. Try to cater to everyone’s tastes but remember, you can’t please everyone all the time.


You’re a kind person by nature Libra and that’s probably why you lent your friend money recently – in the hope they would actually pay it back. Today it’s time to stop being a pushover and get back what you’re owed!


Don’t feel too disappointed today Scorpio when a relative simply doesn’t see things the way you do. A new business idea will make perfect sense to you but will leave them scratching their heads. It doesn’t mean it won’t work though so follow your heart.


Start thinking about where you see yourself in a few years’ time Sagittarius and what you want that job to look like? Look online, you never know, the perfect opportunity could pop up a lot sooner than you ever expected.


We all love a good series that we can binge on from time to time, but this Thursday don’t get so distracted that you forget to do the things that are a lot more important. You can press pause on Netflix Capricorn, the same can’t be said for real life (unfortunately).


Aquarius will have to use their communication and people skills – possibly more of the latter – when they have to talk to a seriously unreasonable person today. Try to stay calm; what’s the use in both of you getting worked up?


Things looks like they are changing for you Pisces and changing in a very big way at that. If you’re feeling a little anxious that’s perfectly normal, just don’t let fear stand in your way of good things to come.