Cancer will have a busy day of planning ahead!

Cancer will have a busy day of planning ahead! Shutterstock

Cancer will have a busy day of planning ahead!


Aries it seems as though you’ll be in a playful mood this Thursday and as a result could be inclined to play a trick or two on your colleagues at work. Just remember that they could have a lot on their plate and may not have much time for jokes today.


This Thursday could be a pretty relaxing one for you Taurus, meaning work won’t be too crazy (which makes a nice change) and all of the drama you’ve been dealing with in your personal life of late will have settled down too. Peace at last!


Check you out Gemini – it looks like you’ll be getting ALL of the attention today. Have you been brushing up on your flirting skills of late or something? Changed your hair maybe? Whatever you’re doing, it seems to be working, as heads will turn wherever you go today.


Cancer, this Thursday your time will be best spent focusing on the aspects of your future that aren’t exactly certain as of yet. If buying a house is on your rader over the next few years, then make a plan (a realistic one) that’ll make this a possibility.


Try not to freak out at the small things this Thursday Leo; it looks like your day won’t exactly go to plan but that’s what plan b is for after all! Remember, there’s a solution to almost every problem, sometimes you just have to look a little harder to find it.


Virgo, you’ll have a very busy day ahead and it doesn’t look like you’ll be spending very much time at home. If you have friends from another country visiting for a few days, they’ll want to make the most of their holiday and see as many sights as possible – which means you’ll be acting as their personal chauffeur. 


Have you got a million and one things going on right now Libra? If so, then why not take a day off (if you can that is) and concentrate on making yourself feel better. Maybe a change of scenery will help things? Go to a place that always makes you feel safe and happy and spend the day chilling out there.


There’ll be no time to take your foot off the pedal this Thursday Scorpio as you’ll have loads to get through in work before your day is finished. Your colleagues might not be so busy right now, so don’t let them distract you from all that you’ve got to get finished.


Sagittarius, today it seems as though your other half will make a big announcement that will catch you completely off guard. Don’t blame yourself for not seeing this coming sooner as it looks like they’ve been pretty set on their decision for a while now. What you can do though is start to figure out your next plan.


Guess who’ll have their thrifty cap on this Thursday? That’s right Capricorn, it’s you! If you’ve recently moved into a new place and are anxious to put your own stamp on it, but on a budget, then look around for some good quality second-hand or vintage stores. You never know what you could find.


There’s nothing wrong with being a perfectionist Aquarius and always wanting to do your very best, no matter what task or project you’re asked to work on. Just keep in mind that no one’s perfect and sooner or later we all mess up. The important thing is learning from your mistakes and moving on.


Pisces, even if you don’t wake up in the best mood this Thursday, try not to take your feelings out on your family and friends – even if they are getting on your last nerve. Maybe talking to someone you trust will help you to feel a bit better? It’s certainly worth a shot.