Capricorn sometimes you gotta spend money to make money

Capricorn sometimes you gotta spend money to make moneyShutterstock

Capricorn sometimes you gotta spend money to make money


It looks like romance will be in the air for you this Thursday Aries, starting with a phone call from your new beau this morning. Not only will they be treating you like a queen today (and rightly so) they’ll also whisk you away on a romantic trip just for two this evening.


Taurus will have an exciting day ahead this Thursday. If you’re off to a big event today - maybe a work do or even a more casual food festival – we’ve a feeling you could bump into someone you’ve not seen in the longest time and the two of you will spend ages catching up.


This Thursday it seems as though Gemini could have a difficult time minding their own business and instead of being concerned about the things that are happening in their own life, their friend’s social life will be their main concern. We think it’s best to keep your mind to yourself, unless you’re asked otherwise.


Cancer, there’s a big chance you could put your foot in it and end up saying the wrong thing today, so it’s best to err on the side of caution at all times. A friend might say they want your honest opinion, but if this isn’t the most complimentary, maybe you should sugar coat the truth a little.


Leo, where are you off to this Thursday? By the looks of it you’ll be packing your bag and heading off on your travels today. It might not be the best idea for you to drive though, so if one of your pals says they’ll take their car, then don’t argue with this. Other than that, it looks like you’ll have a brilliant day.


Virgo, have you been lying to yourself about your relationship? Are you doing this to protect yourself or the other person? Don’t let anymore time go by with the both of you feeling unhappy – this Thursday you’ll have to make some big decisions regarding your future. It’ll be tough but worth it in the end.


Libra will catch someone’s eye this Thursday – a very well known somebody it seems. If you’re not one to flaunt a new relationship on social media (or even an old relationship for that matter) then don’t feel like you have to behave any differently this time around.


Don’t waste your day continuing an argument with your other half Scorpio, because the chances of you both coming to an agreement are slim. You may just have to agree to disagree this time around – remember though, no one said that the two of you have to agree on everything all of the time. Life would be pretty boring if this was the case.


Sagittarius if you’re going on an outing today, especially if you think this place will be pretty busy with crowds everywhere, then maybe you shouldn’t wear your most expensive piece of jewellery or favourite handbag, as someone there could be waiting for the perfect opportunity this snatch this from you.


You know what they say Capricorn, sometimes you have to spend money to make money and no one will know this more than you today. A VERY expensive purchase could put a bit of a strain on your finances right now, but think about the profit you could make when you sell it off?


Don’t spend your whole day fretting about relationship worries Aquarius. If you’ve had bad experiences in relationships in the past then it’s normal to feel a bit insecure, but don’t let this ruin what you’ve got going with your new squeeze – you could regret it if you do.


Pisces, you may not believe in love at first sight but this Thursday a VERY charming stranger might just change your mind. Don’t over think things, just go with the flow. Everything will work out like it’s supposed to in the end.