Speak up if you want something to change Aquarius!\n

Speak up if you want something to change Aquarius! Shutterstock

Speak up if you want something to change Aquarius!


Enjoy your day this Thursday because it looks like you could do with a little time to relax. All of the things that have been worrying you for the past few weeks will have been resolved, so now you can finally stop fretting.


You may not agree with the way someone does something but that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s your place to tell them how run their company. If you do have some good ideas why not suggest them in a more formal way?


Do your homework today Gemini (no, not that kind of homework).  We’re talking about the things you should know about a product before splash the cash on something that you might not even like. It’s not the most exciting job but read reviews and see what other people think as well.


Cancer will have a VERY different opinion to one of their family members this Thursday. If the two of you start having a discussion that you know is going to end up in an argument, then walk away before it gets out of hand. Agree to disagree and don’t bring it up again.


There’s nothing wrong with asking for help when you need it. If you’ve started a new job recently and are a bit unsure of some of the assignments you’ve been given, have a chat with a co-worker and get them to show you the ropes.


Why give away your good ideas to people who will pass them off as their own Virgo? If you’ve been burned by someone doing something like this is the past, then more fool you if you end up making the same mistake twice.


Having goals and making a plan to get where you want to go is a fantastic idea – so long as the goals you have set are attainable and your time frame is realistic. If not, you’re just setting yourself up to fail and you can wave ‘bye bye’ to your master plan.


It doesn’t look like today will begin with it anything out of the ordinary for you Scorpio, which isn’t a bad thing when you think about it. Some online browsing (aka shopping) will lead to some serious spending, but it’s technically a saving when it’s on sale, right?


Don’t stand by and let other people take jobs from that you, which you know you are more than capable of doing. What’s stopping you from furthering your career? If it’s fear of failure then put that out of your head. It’s better to fail when trying then never to try anything at all.


A family get-together to discuss something important will end in disaster for you this Thursday Capricorn. You may have tried to keep things pretty civilised and calm but other people had other ideas.


Aquarius, you will get a VERY tempting offer this Thursday – a new job perhaps? This seems to be exactly what you have been on the lookout for, for some time now. So, what’s holding you back then? If you don’t go for it, you could regret it in the long run.


Your stubborn streak is about to make an appearance Pisces. During an argument with your other half you’ll realise you are completely in the wrong but you’ve gone so far that you don’t know how to get out of it. Our advice? Fess up and say you’re sorry.