Make a big change today Libra – you know you want to

Make a big change today Libra – you know you want toShutterstock

Make a big change today Libra – you know you want to


As much as you would be willing to go out of your way to help someone else it doesn’t mean that they would do the same for you. Don’t let someone take advantage of your kindness today Aries.


Taurus, regardless of how you’re feeling this Tuesday, it’ll be important to keep a lid on your emotions. An important work event will need your full concentration for most of the day, after that you can deal with everything else.


If you’ve been looking for an excuse to clear the air with a friend for ages now, then today you will get the perfect opportunity. You both know the fight was completely stupid and totally unimportant, so just put it behind you.


You may think you would like to be the one in charge Cancer, but some unexpected responsibility will change things pretty quickly. Once you see how difficult it really is, you’ll be a lot more content just where you are for now.


All the worries of the past few weeks will FINALLY have sorted themselves out and it looks like Leo is getting some much-deserved relaxation. From now on avoid anything that will cause you stress – it’s so not worth it!


Go about your day as normal this Tuesday Virgo, from the looks of things that’s the best way to stay out of trouble today. Don’t judge your achievements on other people’s accomplishments, do your own thing.


Change things up a little today Libra and break away from your usual routine. If you’re bored of your life right now, what can you do to change it? Stop waiting for other people to bring the excitement, you’re in charge of your own happiness.


If you know someone has liked you for ages now, today you’ll give in and finally give them a chance to impress you. They may not be your usual type Scorpio, but variety is the spice if life, right?


Feeling cheery this morning Sagittarius? Well it looks like your day is about to get a whole lot better because a friend will call this afternoon with the best news you’ve heard all year. Tissues at the ready – we’ve a feeling you’re gonna need them.


Capricorn will have loads to get through this Tuesday but the good thing is they will have the motivation to match. If friends are trying to distract you, tell them politely, but firmly, that you have more important things to do.


If you don’t really know how you feel about someone Aquarius, why not talk to them about it? Yes, it’s not the most pleasant conversation to have, but it’s worse than lying right to their face, right? Who knows, they might just feel the same way.


Had a long day Pisces? We’re not surprised. It seems as though anything that could have gone wrong this Tuesday did just that. Get yourself home and completely chill out for the evening. If anyone needs some R&R, it’s you!