Is your relationship turning out to be different from what you expected Virgo?

Is your relationship turning out to be different from what you expected Virgo? Shutterstock

Is your relationship turning out to be different from what you expected Virgo?



You’ll be told a secret, actually make that a BIG secret, by a very close friend today. As much as you may want to discuss this with another friend of yours, don’t be tempted; you might be able to keep a secret but who’s to say that other people can too?


Is work absolutely crazy at the moment Taurus? By the looks of it, it doesn’t seem like you’ll have much of an opportunity too slow down and take some time off any time soon either. That’s why you should make sure your evenings are completely chilled with zero stress or pressure.


Getting lots of attention today Gemini and not really sure why? Maybe you won’t even notice but friends of yours sure will and, to be honest, they could get a little jealous. You can’t help shining though, so don’t stop!


Normally we wouldn’t advise anyone to act like someone they’re not just to get the attention of the person they fancy, but today is the exception to that rule and being someone or something else, might just do the trick. Be careful though, don’t go too crazy.


You’ve been making quite an impression Leo and you might not even know it. Chipping in to help other people where you can and always offering to do more seems to have paid off. There’s a promotion up for grabs and it’s got your name all over it.


Did you get married thinking it was going to be nothing but romance, but now that reality is starting to kicking it it’s not what you expected? Well duh, that’s called life! It’s not just your other half’s job to keep the spark alive, you’ve got to work at it too.


Libra, someone in your family will accuse you of doing something that you ABSOLUTELY have not done this Wednesday. Not only will you be devastated that they thought you would do this thing, the fact that they don’t believe you when you deny it, will hurt even more.


Does your life feel like it could give a soap opera a run for its money lately? Do you really hate all that you have going on or do you secretly love the drama and excitement of it all? Pick one, and if it’s the latter option, then stop complaining.


Not feeling your best Sagittarius? Friends and family will be paying you loads of complements this Wednesday but because of how you feel about yourself, you won’t really believe them. Figure out what’s dragging you down and find a way to build yourself back up!


This Wednesday seems to be going great for you Capricorn, and the hump day your friends are suffering from will be totally alien to you. Enjoy it while it lasts because some challenges could be around the corner pretty soon.


Aquarius, today you’ll be given a project at work that you’ll feel like you have worked on lots of times before. If you’re bored speak up; nothing is going to change if you’re not willing to say anything.


Pisces, your ambition will only take you so far in your career and it’s about time you started paying some attention to the advice that other people are giving you. They know better so you would do well to trust what they’re telling you.